Dead Space 2 Review for PS3 and PC


When Dead Space was released way back in 2008, it was the only game that time which defined a survival horror genre perfectly. EA fans were happy and excited that survival horror genre made such a resounding comeback although it was developed in the same as Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 but these were more of an action orientated game title rather than being a survival horror genre.

The end sequence in Dead Space hinted for a sequel and now after waiting for three long years, Dead Space 2 comes out to continue the epic tale of Isaac Clarke.

Dead Space 2 for PS3

Did EA incorporated anything new in the sequel new for the loyal fans of the franchise? and Is it worth spending our hard earned money on it? Lets find out.

Dept in Storyline:

The first game in the franchise was all about exploration of USG Ishumata and recovery of Marker, the sequel Dead Space 2 offers something bigger, better and meaningful in terms of storyline till the very end which fans will definitely appreciate.

The game kick off in a hospital where lead character Isaac is being inquired about the Marker by unknown person (from the first installment) and suddenly hospital started breaking into pieces and from now where group of Necromorphs start lurking around places. This event start the journey of Isaac as he came to know that the Marker is the Sprawl.

There are two things in the game that make the story of Dead Space 2 deeper, first is the way Isaac battles “dementia” that he acquired from the first game, and second Isaac also suffered psychological problem through the death of his girlfriend. In his entire journey Isaac will try to solve the mystery behind the Marker and also try to figure out his past.

New Gameplay Elements:

Players who played Dead Space will have nothing new in terms of Dead Space 2 gameplay, the controls and its working is pretty much similar (to tell you the truth its almost identical). However there are some new features and changes which are worth a watched. First Change is the new “Way Point Indicator” that Isaac has now, it make navigation of players in the game a lot easier as it shows them which direction they should follow.

The next feature that is worth a watch is “Quick Time Events”. Gamers will come across a point in the game where they will be require to press a particular button in order to escape from the enemy or shoot the latch which will close the shutter so that the gravity gets stable in the station. Gamers will come across many Quick Time Events in the game all unique to itself.

Dead Space 2 also features new enemies that players need to be aware of “spitting bomb” and “babies (crawl and explode).” All these new element are very well supported by wide range of puzzle in the game which are relatively easy to figure out.

Re-playability Feature:

All those gamers who get successful in completing the game can go back and play again but this time it will be on a harder difficulty level. By completing the game difficulty level “+” will be unlocked. All the weapons and items which players acquired in the first game will also be available in their journey on harder difficulty level.

Harder Difficulty level is perfectly suited for hunters of Trophy and Achievement.


In you get tired and fed up of playing the single player mode of the game, you can shift your focus on the multiplayer mode which add re-playability to the game. In all gamers get to play five game mode with a map designated for each mode. The best among these five is the Escape where gamers will be placed in USG Ishimura and they will be required to escape with the help of escape pods. Other four mode are Solar Array, Fuel Core, Titan Mines, Marker Lab which are also good in their own terms.

Basically multiplayer mode of Dead Space 2 doesn’t have anything that special to keep player engage but its good enough to give you a much needed break from single player portion of the game.

Wide Range of Weapons:

In Dead Space 2 gamers gets to choose for wide range of weapons, however majority of them are taken from the original game if you leave behind some like the Javelin Gun. As you complete the game you will figure out that you made use of only two to three weapons. Although an option to upgrade the weapon is available in the game i hardly pay attention to it as i was busy playing with Rivet Gun (as i got used to it).


After playing Dead Space 2 and going through all the details, we conclude that the sequel is pretty much similar to the original game in the series but it has live upto expectation of the fans by giving scary atmosphere that they are waiting for. The creepy sounds, intense action, new gameplay elements will keep players engage till the very end.

For those who are new to the franchise we will suggest you to for the sequel as it has deeper storyline and on top of that no previous knowledge is required.


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