DiRT 3 Review – Xbox 360


DiRT 3, the next installment in Codemaster’s most popular “DiRT” franchise is now available, and once again, the development team behind the game has done a brilliantly job with this game. There is bulk of new contents in Dirt 3 to keep racing fans busy for a very long time. Once players are done with offline gameplay, they can take their cars to the online track and show off their skills.

Dirt 3 Xbox 360 box art

There are many more new features like YouTube functionality, garage, news section added by Codemasters in Dirt 3 which makes it one of the best racing game title of 2011. Lets take a look at each of these features in details below.

More Content:

First best thing Codemasters did with Dirt 3, added bulk of content for the fans of the game. The previous installment in the franchise “Dirt 2” featured 41 routes, in Dirt 3 the are more than 100 routes. The cars in Dirt 3 represent five decades of rallying from classics like the Mini Cooper and Audi Quattro to the Ford Fiesta. There are also new environments and more waiting for racing fans.

Dirt Tour:

The best part of Dirt 3 offline gameplay is “Dirt Tour”. The Dirt Tour goes for four seasons, and within each season are four triangles. Each and every triangles in Dirt 3 represent different race having approximately five events. This brings around 20 events per season with four seasons available, racing fans will definitely be busy for a long time. Every seasons in Dirt 3 have a pretty nice variety to them with respect to the type of racing and the environments. Many tracks in the game have multiple uses, for example you might do a rally race in Norway, and then do a Head 2 Head race later and make different part of same track.

Dirt 3 includes tons of different disciplines for fans of racing genre, Rally, Rallycross, Trailblazer, Gymkhana, Landrush and Head 2 Head. As gamers wins races and events in Dirt Tour, they will gain new sponsorship and new vehicles.

There is also a separate single player mode in Dirt 3 apart from “Dirt Tour” where players can participate in a single race or do a time trail to polish their skills


Dirt 3 multiplayer also have plenty for gamers. There is multiplayer over Xbox Live as well as Split Screen and System Link multiplayer. Dirt 3 Xbox 360 version also make use of Xbox Live party system to make it easier for you to play with a group of your friends.

In “Pro Tour” players need to race and work hard in-order to get fame in ranked matches. If you are just looking for some fun, you can jump into “Jam Session” and make your own rules in player matches. The number of gamers that can participate will depend on whether you are playing ranked or not and also on some other factors. Gamers will also get an option to invite their friends or join other that already have a session going.

In the end i just want to say that my entire Dirt 3 online session was just amazing. There was no sign of any lag issue, everything was working very smoothly without any hiccups.

YouTube functionality:

The YouTube functionality also one of the best features added by Codemasters in Dirt 3. Once done with your race, you can watch the replay and then make a decision whether you want to upload the gameplay race on YouTube. However there are few limitations with this YouTube functionality. First, gamers can upload only thirty seconds of their race. Second the video will be uploaded in Standard definition, although gamers play the game in 720p, their uploaded video would only go to 480p. Once video gets uploaded on YouTube players can even edit it some more if they wish to.

Accessible to Everyone:

Codemasters did a great job of by making Dirt 3 accessible to everyone. If you are a hardcore racer and want to show everyone the skill you possess then you can switch OFF all the assists and go all gun blazing on the race track. If you are a casual racer then you can turn ON all the assist and left it to the game to handle majority of technical aspects for you. Obviously the game will not do everything for you but it will make eliminate many of the burden from your shoulders and all you have to worry about is pressing the gas button and trying not to wrech your car. If you came across a hard turn, the car will brake automatically to an acceptable speed and then immediately speed back up when track is clear.

This feature will definitely help in longevity of Dirt 3 as both hardcore and casual fans can find something to really have fun.


Dirt 3 is one of the best racing game title of 2011. Codemasters has done an exceptional job with this one and should be commended. Dirt 3 has each and everything to make everyone happy. The YouTube functionality is a great feature. The amount of content Dirt 3 offer is just amazing and i am very much sure there will be even more in future in the form of DLCs. If you are a hardcore racing game fan then you should have Dirt 3 in your gaming library, and casual fan should not commit a mistake of overlooking this game.



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