Dragon Age 2 Review for PC


Dragon Age: Origins came out just two year ago and it took the RPG world by Storm, it also showcased how good Bioware is at developing RPGs and storytelling. Two years down the line and its sequel time now, Dragon Age 2 is all set to deliver a bigger and even better gameplay experience in comparison to its predecessor. Dragon Age II is an incredible game, epic in scope, filled completely with activity. The biggest change between Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II is the story.

Dragon Age 2


In Dragon Age II gamers will spend most of the time running round the city of Kirkwall as HAWKE, survivor of the Darkspawn invansion who has now sought a refuge in distant location. The threat of Darkspawn is still there, but the gameplay story is much more focused on Hawke and his family. Players will witnessed racism, religious intolerance, greed, everything in Dragon Age II. Bioware has emphasis more on power politics, war and how the main character in the game is affected by all these.


In Dragon Age II there are tons of secondary task (side-quest) for gamers to accomplish as they establish themselves in Kirkwall. Many of these side-quests are just character interaction with your party members, all of these are very well-written and voice acted. The best thing about other side-quests is that they interweave with the game’s main story thread pretty well.


One of the biggest improvement in Dragon Age 2 over the original game in the series is the pace of combat. In the game your hero moves faster and get involved in direct combat rather than playing out a long series of queued up commands. Gamers get the option to pause the action in between the gameplay, can also flip through their four party members and issue orders, the exciting thing is that the pace at which all these things is done.

Minor Interface Tweaks:

Bioware has an expertise in tweaking minor mechanics to enhances the overall flavor of gameplay experience, and this is very much visible in Dragon Age 2. Conversation in the game now employ a very similar layout as that of a Mass Effect 2. To make possible responses more clear developer has incorporated visual icons coupled with each response which reveal the tone irrespective whether its combative, questioning, friendly or anything.

Bioware has also streamline Inventory management with companion-specific upgradeable armor, for example if you are a warrior and you get your hand on a mega’s robe, you have an option to sell it as no one in your game will be able to wear it.

Graphics, Texture and Visual:

Graphics, Texture and Visual in Dragon Age II has definitely seen a huge improvement as compare to the Origin, in addition to all these there are fantastic architectural design on display in most of the areas that players travel.


It has to be accepted that Bioware games continue to be a great success with respect to storytelling, however at the same time they also continue to shuffle along with some sorts of middling visuals. To be very fair, the quality of narrative and performances in Dragon Age II does a great job of selling the whole package, however characters movements in the game are bit stiffly and lack details, at times environments are also static and non-interactive.


As a whole, Dragon Age 2 has simplified some of the combat and inventory management, and the gameplay is also faster. Graphics and visual in the game are also good as compare to first game in the franchise, but still they looks kinda dated. Story wise, its really very good, however the dialogue, cut scene tend to go on for a longer time period.

In short Dragon Age II is lot easier and simpler in terms of gameplay when it is compared with Dragon Age: Origin.


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