Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Review


If you have any knowledge of by any means you will be aware how it get started, the complete plot of the game take place in the Ancient China and gamers have a choice of selecting any one of the available three kingdom, the kingdom available for the choice are The Wu, The Shu and The Wei. As you done with your choice of kingdom you proceed with selecting the character you want to play, here also you get to choice from a bunch of 40 available character.

After completing your selection of knigdom and the character you want to play with you proceed with your gameplay by entering into the city which will be full of options and ways of how you can upgrade you character or Warrior to be more precise with you. There will be an acadamey where gamers can upgrade their Warrior abilities of fury, musou along with various other basic abilities also. There is one more way by which you can get yourself a new ability. In this case you will be help by Chi who will give you new ability and will also increase your attacking power to a extra level but this depend on the healing of your fellow Warrior who got injured during the battle. For your weapons there will be Orbs which can stick to your weapon resulting into the increase in your defence and your attack power.

The four Chi power which you get for your character can be attached to both your hand and legs. But this Chi power doesn’t help you much as to kill a grunt enemies you have to fire several hits. By the way of blacksmith gamers will be able to upgrade their weapons not only this gamers will also be able to create weapons, a bulliten board will also be there which enables gamers to have a go to new mission, an item shop along with a storage building where you can you store all the elements which you have earn or i should say looted in the battle.

Reading above things you will feel it is interesting to play Dynasty Warriors, you will feel insterested to play it to some extent, now the question is why?, because if you had your hands on Dynasty Warrior in the past than there will be not much new for you in this version except few things like Fury power which enables your character to convert into the Super Saiyan version allowing you to kill your opponents as if you are killing a flies for a short period of time and many other things, but the issue here is that you have to kill lots of same enemies again and again and again.

The single player mode of Dynasty Warriors: Strike force is not as good as its previous version baring the first two hours of the game, and there is not much difference as you go ahead and further of your gameplay, you have to perform same ask and do same thing like navigate to blan environment and there fight the enemies and killed them or search for an item and result MISSION COMPLETED. There are some mission which you can complete in a couple of minute, max to max 10 minute is enough for any gamer to complete some of the mission.

Talking about the graphics of Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce, it like developer has serve the old wine in a new bottle to the gamers, in simply term what they has done is that they have just carry forwarded the PSP version to PS3 version with some extra content and some extra visual effect. The online multiplayer mode of the game is some thing to talk about as it give some sort of liftment which is required for Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce.


I won’t recommend this, if you hard core fan of Dynasty Warrior series than that is other thing. You will not see much new thing in Dynasty Warriors: Strike Force it won’t stand the price rate of $50, it will be better if you take its previous version and play because ther ewon’t much difference excetp few things. THe only thing good in Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce is multiplayer mode but still lots of work is still to be down by the developer to improve. So it will be better if you can get some other game at the same price range.


  • Good gameplay experience,
  • Interesting and exciting air combat


  • Below expectation visual and sound,
  • Not much new from its previous installment,
  • Similar weapons apart from few new ones.