FIFA 14 Review – PS3


I have been a big fan of FIFA series dating back to FIFA 10, bought the game almost every year since then and have played hundreds of matches over last several years. Every year the story remains the same, a new game (with overall functionality similar to previous game) comes out with a few minor changes and additions here and there. Sometimes these changes and additions work for the betterment of the game and sometimes they’re for worse.

FIFA 14 PS3 Review

With FIFA 14, EA Sports continues the above trend. The game feature some great new features and additions and also has some shockingly bad ones. Check out the complete breakdown of FIFA 14 features, game modes and changes/additions in our review below.

Changes in Shot Physics and Player Movement.

A small alteration has been made to Shot Physics and Player Movement in FIFA 14 and as expected these have some adverse effect on overall gameplay experience. A change in Shot Physics now makes ball to dip and knuckle even more as compare to previous FIFA game. To some extent this change does improve variety of goals player score, but some flaws still remains.

Finesse shot or curling shot still remains overpowered and is still players must have shot in one-on-one situations. This basically implies that the variety development team were looking for with changes in shot physics wasn’t achieved totally.

In FIFA 14, players have greater sense of momentum, so making an instant start and stop is a bit difficult. Furthermore, making sharp cuts and a complete 180 degree movement in different direction will be more gradual. These Changes made in Player movement were praised by many critics and fans. Few were of the opinion that these changes are more realistic than last few FIFA games, whereas some stated that they got the feel as if they are controlling a super car in racing game instead of a football player.

No doubt these changes were more realistic, but what big question mark still remain of FUN factor it offers?, and sadly for FIFA fans FIFA 14 scores negative in this department and i have listed the reason behind this:

Slow Movement Makes Overall Experience Less Responsive Feelings, and so end result a frustrating gameplay experience.

Opening spotted by your players for making an advance but slow change in direction result in tackle from opposition player even before your player can react

Overall experience is that Defense AI has been overpowered whereas attacking AI i.e your player has been nerfed

Return Of Ultimate Team in Better Way:

Ultimate Team once again makes a return, and this time around the comeback in better than ever. For players who are unaware of what Ultimate Team is all about, its a game mode in FIFA 14 that allow players to collect and trade players in order to build your Ultimate Team.

The two important and new features in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is Chemistry styles and removal of formation cards. In all previous FUT games, gamers had to convert their players to a correct formation everytime they wanted to experiment with a new formation. But this time around, all players get full chemistry from all formations, and this eliminates the need of investing lot of coins in formation cards.

Furthermore, this new chemistry styles also adds a layer of customization to FIFA 14 as it allow gamers to apply their chemistry styles card to their players for boosting specific traits. A good example of this is that gamers can make use of a chemistry style to increase defender’s heading and defending traits.

Important Message from Editor: FIFA 14 Ultimate team is free, but the overall game design push players towards pack store, and this is the place where publisher EA makes a lot of money off people spending points on packs in hopes of finding valuable players.

We advice readers from spending real money on Ultimate Team because players that comes in pack are not worth much and chances of getting top-class player like Messi or Ronaldo are pretty low. Its basically a lottery system with 1:1000 success rate and not a good value. We advice you better save coins and buy your favourite player directly.

Drop-In Game Mode Drawback:

The features that are back from FIFA 13 are career mode, virtual clubs and skill games. Clubs allow gamers to create their virtual pro for making use of it in club games against friends or against a strangers. Furthermore, gamers can build up their virtual pro stats by achieving numerous achievements. I have listed below why i am emphasizing on benefits of virtual pro

One of the major drawback in FIFA 14 comes in drop-in match game mode. EA has inexplicably ruined it by placing a cap on former 11v11 player limit, it has been drastically drop to 5v5 and also “ANY” option has been removed.

This changes means, if you select a drop-in match (a virtual pro match where you and strangers play a game using your virtual pro), more than half of the players on field will be controlled by computer. Previously there used to be a full 11v11 or have one player designated as the “ANY” in smaller games to control all of the computer players.

So if you are hoping for some fun with drop-in games in FIFA 14, you are knocking on wrong door.


As mention above, FIFA 14 does include many new additions and features and is more realistic than ever, but sadly for fans overall gameplay has taken a step in backward direction. FIFA 14 is bit slower and is more methodical than ever. A turn towards Realism is great but it comes at an expense of FUN factor. In short, FIFA 14 isn’t that fun to play.


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