God of War 3 Review

God of War 3

Before given you the review of God of War 3 i will tell you what it is all about in one sentence, In God of War 3 the only and primary aim of Kratos is to kill Zeus. For those gamers who haven’t played the previous two installment of God of War it is better for them to first get their hands on it and get the complete knowledge of it, and then shift your focus on God of War 3.

Because it is better to known what has happen in past which is affecting the present.

The developer of God of War 3, Santa Monica Studio, has use enhance graphics and animation feature to give gamers a never seen graphics in a game, for example the flashback sequence. God of War 3 inshort is a masterpiece with and outstanding graphics Hats off to the developer.

God of War 3 continues from where its previous installment God of War 2 left, with Kratos and titans climbing the Mount Olympus to seek revenge from Zeus and other Gods, the opening squence of the game is a visual treat to the gamers, as gamer began the ride on Gaia the landscape will slide which will completely change the mountain area. Apart from this the Poseidon’s seahorse-crab creature will also start to attack Gaia resulting into a complete makeover and change of level design, Kratos will find himself caught in the middle and has to make use of its Blades to get out of it, by digging it into the Stone of Gaia.

From start to finish, gamers come across many such moment breath taking moment fill with extra ordinary graphics and design that too very frequently without any glitches whatsoever, the graphics and gameplay of God of War 3 has taken it to another level where it has set an standard for other to match it. The only explanation to this only can be given by the developer of God of War 3 and according to my thinking they have got some magical stick with them and they have use it in developing such a game.

But at times you will also come across moment where you will find the pace of the getting slow one such moment is when Kratos is once again strip of his power and weapons and he has to start from the start in getting his power and weapons back by solving the various mysterious puzzle which will in the the range of easy to difficult in term of level of easy. Apart from solving puzzle you will have to battle various enemies for getting your weapons along with new one which will help you in your aim of getting to the top of Mount Olympus for killing Zeus.

Now for the easy and betterment of the gamers the control for the weapons and the magic associated with each of the weapon has been streamline, what this means is that if you are using Blades of Exile whch is a default Chained blades your magic will be Spartan army palanx area attack, and if you are using Lion gauntles (this Lion gaunltes you will receive later in your gameplay) the magic will be earthquake inducing groun pound. This might affect certain section of gamers as it limit the possiblities of exploring which combination work best for them based on their play style. But this will help you in swaping between your weapons in the midst of a battle with an press of “L1” and “X” only that too without stoping Kratos dead in his track.


Last but not the least, God of War 3 is the best story amongst it all three, you will feel like that it might be an end to the journey of Kratos but there are still enough in the game for a sequel to take place so don’t get shock when you get an announcement of a sequel to God of War 3.

In short it is a must buy game for every PlayStation 3 owner because of its awesome gameplay and enhance graphic features, So thumps Up to God of War 3 from my side.