Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Review (PS3)

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Grand Theft Auto IV when first released it was a big hit as it capture the unknown veins of the gamers for this type of game. A action pack game title to capture a limited part of geographical area of a very big New York City. To make this New YOrk City experience more exciting two expansion of the game were name The Lost Damn and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Review

Here we will be giving talking about Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony, giving you indept knowledge what it is all about.

At a first look the The Ballad of Gay Tony is more than previous GTA, the story line is that, gamers will be playing the role of Luis Lopez who character is similar to Niko Bellic and Johnny Klebitz, a killer having trouble past and because of current circumstances he started disturbing Law and Order stituation in the City. He work as a assistant cum bodyguard to a man Gay Tony.

The above short description keeps the game going for sometime, as the story of Gay Tony story take the center stage the game progress also it is this character Gay Tony on who’s the game revolve. Gay Tony a drug addict and owner of many of the high ends night club in New York have many of glitches and problem in his bussiness and he is struggling in it.

Many of gamers mission revolve around Tony and his spolied brat friend Yusuf Amir who has promise his father thathe will be making something on his own. Tony has some aim and goal to keep up with, these are to keep his authority over the night club industry in New York City and keep the criminals he is having trouble with at their feet. The main plot of the game is the diamond which get stolen in GTA IV and this stolen diamond and jewels is the element which tied up all the three stories together. The story lies and feel of the game is little bit different from the previous two installment of the game, but much is same from Vice City, but for the fan of the GTA this is not that much big deal, it must not be a hard hitting as expected but tale has live up to its mark and RockStar has done a great job in this section of the game.

The mission and the stunts that has been incorported in the game give it an edge and this is possible because of the mission designer of the game. I have listed some of the some of the interesting thing you will have to perform in a mission, In one mission one of your thug had ties a union leader to a golf cart, now you have escape in the same golf cart but before escaping you have to kill the goons of the union leader. In another mission you chase your target to a top of tower and than parachute yourself to the ground safely, this does not end here, in one mission you try to intimidate a journalist throwing him out of a helicopter and than you follow him by the diving yourself out catching and parachuting yourself.

The Ballad of Gay Tony has checkpoints similar to The Lost and Damned which are spread over various stages best way possible. One thing that is different in this from its predecessor is the score performance which depends on various factor some of this factor are the health, time remaining etc. One more important thing is that you will be able to post your score on the online scoreborad only if you have complete the mission without restart. Once you have completed the game you will be able to play any mission anytime you want.

When some one tell you to define GTA game in Single player mode, you can say that it is in some sort a racing game, in some sort a third person shooting game, in some sort mini game collection isn’t it?, add to it one more feature that Ballad of Gay Tony add which is of kickboxing, though movements is a bit slow but some changes here and there will catch the attention of the gamer and make GTA franchise more popular.

The update and changes to multiplayer mode a very little, these little changes are new weapons in deathmatch modes, race including nitrous, new military and parachaute challenges will saw inclusin in free mode. But the surprising part in the multiplayer mode is omission of kickboxing matches.

There are many other things in Ballad of Gay Tony for the gamers to have fun, new TV shows, side mission and radio programming but this are things to keep gamers engage and entertained after credit roll as the core content of this is enough for the gamers to have fun.


The Ballad of Gay Tony is a must buy for all gamers because of different storyline, more crazy stunt and mission, so other interesting features that will keep gamer engage in their gameplay all the way long. In short term GO FOR IT.