GTA V PC Review: The Ultimate Version Has Finally Arrived, Revisiting Los Santos Is Worth

 GTA V PC Review: The Ultimate Version Has Finally Arrived, Revisiting Los Santos Is Worth

Rockstar Games took too long to release Grand Theft Auto V PC version, it’s indeed not a good thing. Now that Grand Theft Auto V has finally arrived on PC, gamers just want to know one thing: Was GTA V worth this long wait? Here’s my GTA V PC review below which will provide answer to this million dollar question.

Regardless of the launch issues (freeze, crash and others), Grand Theft Auto V PC is a fantastic done port, and development team deserves a pat on their back because a lot was riding on GTA V PC port considering the fact that GTA IV PC port was not very well optimize. The optimization for GTA V PC version is so good that depending on your PC specs it plays and looks much much better than last-gen ports. During my gameplay i received a constant 60FPS both in game and cut-scenes.

GTA V PC Review

Playing GTA V in First Person Mode on PC was the best part and the real treat. If you have already played GTA V and are pretty well known about the storyline and each and every corner of Los Santos, it’s still worth revisiting on PC because First Person Mode complete changes the gameplay perspectives, makes things much more realistic and immersive, it’s an altogether different feeling what you as Trevor, Michael or Franklin will interact with NPCs and environments.

Rockstar Games has also provided ton of graphics and video customization option that players can play with depending on their PC hardware/specs. There is also an addition of in-game FPS benchmark which player can use to test out their settings. Tip: Do look at the addition of grass and vegetation feature in PC port as compared to previous current-gen and last-gen, you will be AMAZED, PC Port is HIGHLY DETAILED.

Another interesting addition is (Specific for PC) is Rockstar Editor, it complete eliminates the hassle PC gamer face while recording their gameplay or special moments (but still not as good as Source Video Maker). GTA PC community are already loving Rockstar Editor and proof of it is YouTube where ton of amazing examples are available.

For those who have got fed up with the same old in-game RADIO and additional radio stations and tracks, Rockstar Games has provided an option to include your own radio station by adding MP3 Audio Files to your GTAV folder in My Documents (full Guide On It HERE).

Nothing has changed with the storyline, it’s just that you get to play it in First Person Mode or Third Person perspective as per you wish. There are new weapons, vehicles, radio statios and other small addition to make thing more interesting and exciting and it pays off really well. Coming to GTA Online, there are some vast improvements as compared to PS4 and Xbox One version. Creating and customizing characters is still limited but improvements made to the process are impressive (transfer of characters from last-gen/current-gen to PC was smooth).


Returning to the world of GTA V on our beloved platform PC is completely worth even at a full price tag of $60. Coming Five to Ten years or so, Grand Theft Auto V PC version will still be considered one of the Best Looking Open World Game and its going to get better and better with all the amazing mods coming from modding community. If you are among one of those who have already played GTA V on PS3/Xbox 360 or PS4/Xbox One then also revisiting Los Santos world on PC is still worth at $60 because this is the Definitive and Ultimate version with amazing Rockstar Edition, constant glorious 60FPS graphics and visuals.


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