Halo: Reach Review for Xbox 360

 Halo: Reach Review for Xbox 360

It has been more than 10 year old association of Bungie with Halo. The first person shooting franchise which originally started as a Mac release has now evolved into a huge thing. But this more than a decade old association comes to close with the latest release in the franchise “Halo: Reach” as Bungie has decided to move on to a brand new multi-platform franchise. So they question arise here is that did they have enough things incorporated into Halo: Reach to end it with a bang?

Halo Reach cover image, wallpaper


First unveiled at E3 2009, Halo: Reach is set in the year 2552 and the campaign take place just after the first Halo game, where humanity is locked in a battle with alien Covenant. Gamers get to control Noble 6 (Member of elite super-solider squad). As the brutal attack of Covenant begins on planet, the UNSC begins their heroic journey to halt it and save the planet.

The Ups:

Bigger and Wider Campaign:

In the original “Halo” there’s a well know mission, a massive sandbox style campaign which is set on island, where players get to have their choice of how they will be approaching the objective in it. Later on as “Halo” expanded, every game in the series would consist two to three such type of mission. But in Halo: Reach most of the campaign is set on outdoor maps and they are much much wider and bigger. And this is the point which makes Halo: Reach the best game in Halo franchise. Hats off to Bungie..

Halo Reach Campaign screenshot

Newly Worked Out Firefight Match:

Remixed Firefight in Halo: Reach is one thing that should not be missed by any one. The fully customizable Firefight allows gamers to keep many things in the fresh. There are many variants which keeps you going, the best example of this is Rocket-fight were every player get to starts with rocket launcher with unlimited ammunition.

Halo: Reach firefight screenshot

Game Basic Intact & New Features Added:

Halo: Reach has each and every thing that you will see it in Halo and apart from it many new things has also been incorporated into it. New modes like Headhunter and Invasion give the game a new taste whereas load-out system and Classic Slayer brings the game to its roots.

Still Halo:

Although Halo: Reach has some added new features and mode, it still gives you feels of old Halo, and if you are among those who does not like Halo then you will hate Halo: Reach. The game has many improvement but at many points we gets familiar experience what we had playing the old Halo games.

Halo: Reach Gameplay footage

Graphics and Visual Still Behind in Comparison:

There are many cut-scene in the game which are a visual treat to eyes but it has to be admitted that it is still behind the likes of Uncharted and Gears of Wars.

Specially the interior graphics, they are certainly not ugly but lack some sort of thing to make it feel like Cutting Edge.


In one liner “Halo: Reach” is the best Halo title in the Halo series as the basic in untouch by Bungie and they have added some extra features and mode in the game. The customization the game is offering is awesome.