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Kaos, the team behind Frontlines: Fuel of War is back, and this time they are back with FPS Homefront. Just before the launch of Homefront, THQ did a massive marketing of it, promising fans something great, a new vision, new kind of FPS, and all the trailers for the game looked to be just that. Sadly, the real thing is completely different, in short Homefront is a classical case of over-hyping, as the game fails on many levels, while succeeding only on handful of things.

Homefront game


Nowadays you rarely see a First Person Shooter game having very strong story, Treyarch’s COD: Black Ops has awesome multiplayer but it has an average storyline. Kaos has incorporated enough of drama, emotional scene and intense warfare in Homefront that it will keep gamers engage till the very end.

The vision of America that has been invaded by Korea is grim, dark and very authentic. Homefront has many horrid scene such as executions of prisoners, mass graves, developer has done a great job and showing off its own world. In Homefront single player campaign, player play as a resistance member, and their journey begins with a pretty cool intro sequence, riding on a bus witnessing the world. The intro sequence is definitely a visual treat, its wonderful and cinematic piece.

Weapons and Vehicles Use in Multiplayer mode:

Looking at Homefront multiplayer mode it can be said that large part of it is just recycled from past online FPS, but the use of vehicles and weapons makes it feel something new and very exiciting.

The use of vehicles such as tanks and helicopters in Homefront multiplayer mode add more intensity to the warfare when gamers play online. The best online mode which i enjoyed the most in Homefront is “Ground Control” (because the way i make use of my weapons and vehicles in it), in this mode player need to capture each and every base of the opponents in a limited time period.


Ugly Graphics:

Graphics wise Homefront is a disaster, the environment, surrounding and texture in the game are really very grainy and bland. As a whole Homefront looks very old, as soon as the game begins the player will notice the ugly graphics. The other flaw Homefront has is NPC models of the Korean soldiers, their movements gives the feeling of a robot, and what to say about their facial structure, its just plain ugly.

In short looking at the graphics and visual of the Homefront, i felt like i am playing a game developed in 1990s. It completely ruin my gameplay experience.

Very Short Campaign

Hoemfront story is really very powerful and strong but the small campaign gives the empty and rush feeling. In game’s campaign mode, there are in total seven chapters that gamers need to play through, under normal difficulty level these chapter can be completed in less than five hours.

Poor Audio:

Another big flaw of Kaos shooter is its weak and completely flat soundtrack. I was really very disappointed with this, most of the guns sound in the game are muffled, it feels as if each and every gun has a suppressor attached. Most weapons in the game feel like toy, and the gameplay is not realistic as well when compare with similar titles that are available in the market.

Few Modes

Many FPS that are currently available in the marker offer decent amount of modes for example Capture the Flag and Search & Destroy, now compare Homefront with them which offers only two modes first Ground Control and the other one is Team Deathmatch, both these mode get old quickly so don’t expect to spend most of the time online.

I know that there is Skirmish mode also, but this mode is just the recycles version of Ground Control and Team Deathmatch modes, hence i can’t called it a mode of its own.


Homefront as a whole is not that bad, but the thing is that it has more negative points than positive ones. It doesn’t offer anything new, but the mechanics and the story is the strength of the game. The multiplayer mode of the game help expand the length of the game, however not by much. In short, Kaos shooter is worth playing but the $60 price tag is too high for it.


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