Infamous: Second Son Review: Fast paced action, spectacular graphics, shows true potential of PS4

Infamous: Second Son, the new installment in popular Infamous video-game franchise looks spectacular on Playstation 4. The hard work development team at Sucker Punch put into this lastest installment has paid off really well. Most of you will agree if i say that Infamous: Second Son showcases true capabilities of Sony’s Playstation 4. But nowadays graphics/visuals are not the only selling point for the games, there are others factors as well which gamers take into consideration while buying a game, such as “gameplay, story, combat and many more things”.

Infamous: Second Son

So did Sucker Punch make a mistake by going back to Infamous series, considering the fact that much of the story has been completed in first two titles with Cole McGrath in the lead and apart from graphics/visuals what other factors makes Infamous: Second Son a must buy title for Playstation 4 owners?

Infamous: Second Son Box Art

Let try to find out the answers to these questions in our Infamous: Second Son review below:


Infamous: Second Son takes place seven years after the events of Infamous 2, this doesn’t means that newcomers of Infamous franchise will need prior knowledge of past two Infamous games to get into Infamous: Second Son.

The game takes place in Seattle city and it follows the good ending of Cole MacGrath’s saga, where he sacrificed himself with RFI and eliminated all Conduits. However things didn’t work as planned by Cole and some Conduits managed to survive the RFI shockwave. Normal human-beings are now afraid and feared by Conduits (known as Bio-Terrorists), so to take them down a special and deadly Department of Unified Protection “DUP” is formed.

Infamous: Second Son lead protagonist is “Delsin Rowe”. With the help of escaped Conduit Hank, Delsin discovered that he himself is a Conduit. In search for more answers, Delsin pursues Hank, but before he could ask something, DUP raids Delsin’s village and captures all villagers on the instruction of Brooke Augustine (very powerful Conduit), Head of DUP . Augustine starts torturing villagers with her power and as a result many villagers lose their life. Now its up-to Delsin to stop Augustine by observing her power. With this aim, Delsin and his bother Reggie sets off to Seattle to settle their score with Augustine and Department of Unified Protection “DUP”. I won’t go any further into the story of Infamous: Second and leave it to you to discover things about the journey of Delsin. I would just like to add Infamous: Second Son story/script is pretty awesome, and gamers will enjoy it till the very end.


In Infamous: Second Son, Delsin will gain four set of powers before ending credits. The best part of Delsin’s journey is discovering these new powers and using them, so I won’t spoil the fun by listing them all here but we will discuss Smoke and Neon in brief because we have already seen them in most of the trailers and screenshots.

Powers in Infamous: Second Son grants numerous new and special abilities such as ability to move from one place to another at lightning speed and more. Smoke power gives Delsin an ability to fly (hmm or i should say hover), smoke bombs, fireballs shooting from hands, fire missile attack and many more things. Neon power allow Delsin to run up vertical objects such as high-rise buildings, walls and other things like this. Mark my word guys, powers in Infamous: Second Son is the most enjoyable thing. Players will also have an option of upgrading powers by means of shards that are scattered throughout Seattle City.

Seattle City Looks As Good As Its Real Counterpart

Sucker Punch took a gamble of recreating real-life Seattle City for Infamous: Second Son and it paid off really well. Seattle City in Infamous: Second Son is living and breathing. The lightning effect are of top notch and the reflections that falls of wet city streets and buildings, just don’t have words to describe how spectacular and believable it looks. At few instance, players will see baked lightning being implemented, this isn’t a downfall at all because Sucker Punch did a nice balance job of implementing both baked and dynamic lighting in overall presentation of Infamous: Second Son.

Replay Value Thanks To Morality System

Morality system from past two Infamous titles returns in Infamous: Second Son, and Playstation fans will love it again as it offers enormous replay value. Here is how Infamous: Second Son morality system will work, at numerous key instance, players will be given a choice to take a decision “Good Or Evil” and depending on the choice made, dialogue and story will be affected. Infamous: Second Son offers “Hero” and “Villain” play style, both are different and interesting enough to enjoy second play-through.


Infamous: Second Son looks great and shows true potential of the gaming beast Playstation 4. Seattle City looks as good as its real-life counterpart. If you are a fan of open-world games that offers free-run throughout entire city with some amazing powers then look no further than Infamous: Second Son.


  • Fun, fast-paced action and combat
  • Spectacular Graphics/Visuals
  • Re-playability


  • Side Missions Are Too Repetitive but can be easily ignored.


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