Killzone 3 Review – PS3


When Killzone 2 was released way back in 2009 it took gaming community by storm with its cutting edge next generation visuals and graphics at that time. Two years later, the third game in the franchise “Killzone 3”, is out, and finally the most epic battle between ISA and Helghast lives entirely on the Helghan government having a new leader.

The end sequence in Killzone 2 left fans of the franchise curious to known the faith of government of the Helghast after the death of Visari. Apart from appointment of Helghan government new leader, what else awaits ISAs?

Killzone 3

No one will doubt if we says that Killzone 3 one of the most anticipated game title of 2011. With that being said, how well Killzone 3 does fair when it comes to First Person Shooting genre? We all are very much aware that the graphics and visual in the game has seen further improvement, but is that all we should look forward? definitely not, other factors for example gameplay element, storyline are also taken into account.

Can Killzone 3 breaks all records set by the previous installment in the franchise?

Overall Presentation:

The very first word i spoke out after seeing the introductory cut-scene of Killzone 3 was “Awesome”. Guerrilla Games presented each and every minute details (environments, character models, exotic locations) in most realistic way possible. In comparison to Killzone 2 graphics, Killzone 3 has surpassed in each and every visual department.

Players can expect to see tons of explosion while playing Killzone 3. The tense and action can be felt by from the start till the very end. if i have to compare Halo and Gears of War gameplay experience with that of Killzone 3, i will go for Killzone 3 as its exceeded all of my expectation. It definitely provides the best first person shooting game experience.


Its happens very rarely that a first person shooter has an excellent story, but Guerrilla Games even managed to pulled out this one also with Killzone 3. After the death of Visari in Killzone 2, Helghan government has appointed Admiral Orlock as the new leader of Helghast. Gamers will immediately move onto Helghan territory where they will came to know that Captain Narville of the ISA has been kidnap and held as a captive by Chariman Stahl. The moment gamers find out that the man in Helghan Suit is Sev, the gameplay story shift backs to the end events in Killzone 2, and from that moments onwards a story to the never ending battle between the ISA and Helghast starts. During entire game, gamers has to play according to the story until they are taken to the event where Killzone 3 started and uncover the sinister plot of Helghan (which is a shocker for gamers till the end).


Getting used to the controls of Killzone 3 won’t be a hectic task for new gamers, whereas gamers familiar with Killzone 2 controls, getting used to the controls will be like a cake walk for them. The one important addition that we came across is Brutal Melee Attack, control to kill them instantly is “MOVE TOWARDS AN ENEMY AND PRESS L1 BUTTON”.

In Killzone 3, if you are roaming here and there to collect INTELS(that were found in Killzone 2), then you will be sad to known that there isn’t any in the game, that’s not at all, in the game there are no collectibles also, this means that developer just want the fans of the game to concentrate in handling the action.

In total there are nine chapters in the game, all filled with tons of varieties in the levels. Under normal difficulty level it will take gamers to a total of seven hours to finish the campaign mode. Upon completion of Campaign mode, an Elite mode will be unlocked for the gamers.

Multiplayer Mode::

The main fun of Killzone 3 lies in the game’s multiplayer mode. Fans already played Killzone 2 online can expect the same treatment but with many new improvements. The game offers a total of five new multiplayer maps (will come from the single player level) and two game modes “Guerrilla Warfare and Warzone”. All those fans who are new to Killzone franchise, Warzone game mode will put you in a battle-group with many different mode to play such as Team Objective, Assassination and more. As for Guerrilla Warfare mode details, all gamers need to do is eliminate the opposing force in a stipulated time period (just like Team Deathmatch).

An Operations game mode is also there where gamers get divided into two teams, and mini-side story take place. In this mode gamers objectives varies from rescuing your team mates from the Helghast or from the ISA.


After tearing apart Killzone 3 from each and every angle, all i will say that, its the best first person shooting game title i have ever played. The intense drama and actions in the game, that a gamer experience are beyond epic. One thing where Killzone 3 shines is its single player mode all thanks to its excellent storyline and gameplay action.

For FPS lovers, Killzone 3 is must buy title. If you make your mind to buy it then head on here.


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