L.A Noire Review – PS3


L.A Noire one of the most anticipated game title for 2011 now available in stores. Before starting the review I would like to say that Team Bondi and Rockstar has incorporated each and every element required for L.A Noire to become this year’s “Game of the Year”.

Ever since its announcement several years ago, L.A Noire has been in the news for all the good reasons, it received tremendous attention of fans, and finally the game is available now. L.A Noire offers its gamers vast gameplay, and in addition to this a deep storytelling experience which they will remember for a long time.

L.A Noire PS3 Box art

Lets check out the features which make Rockstar and Team Bondi’s L.A Noire one of the top contender for this year’s “Game of Year” award.



L.A Noire is for all those gamers who are looking for a game that is rich and heavy on Story. In L.A Noire there are 21 main cases that gamers need to solve, guess what all these cases have very deep storyline.

The main storyline of L.A Noire revolves around an Officer of Los Angeles Police Department “Cole Phelps”. From start till the very end, gamers will get to learn many more things about Phelps life before he joined LA Police Department and how life was for him during war. Phelps has a task of making Los Angeles City criminal free, by doing investigation, apprehending criminals and taking them down if required.

Mixture of Heavy Rain and GTA:

In simple terms L.A Noire can be describe as a mixture of Heavy Rain and GTA. Heavy Rain was all about finding clues of Origami Killer, in L.A Noire gamers will be doing many investigations, decision making and many more. The thing that makes L.A Noire a fun is the outcome of gamers decision. In many cases gamers may find clues at a crime scene only, and from their on they began their investigation (i.e present the clue to suspect and interrogate them). Every answer gamers get from the suspect the outcome is affected.

To help out and easy the workload, Phelp will have a notebook where he can write down off the clues and information gather from the crime scene, and from their on its upto the gamers to make proper use of these information and clues for analysis and conduction interrogation.

Now coming to the second close reference of L.A Noire i.e GTA. Players who are die hard fans of sandbox games, and loves driving around open worlds, Well L.A Noire has everything. Apart from doing detective work, gamers will be riding Phelp’s car and exploring each and every corner of Los Angeles. Players will be able to interact with the citizens of LA. L.A Noire gameplay is very much identical to that of GTA especially the fight scenes.

Very Long Game:

If you are hunting for a game that will keep you engage for a long time period, then pick up a copy of L.A Noire as the game will take almost 15 hours to complete the main story. Team Bondi has added a total of 40 side missions to keep your fun going.

Voice Acting

How many games have you came across in your life that have a perfect voice acting?, well your answer might be “NOT MANY”, but Team Bondi has done exceptionally well with L.A Noire voice acting, In simple terms L.A Noire has perfect “Voice Acting”. Many games voice acting have very poor synchronization and it can be seen by the lips movement in correspondence with the dialogue, but Team Bondi did a great job to remedy that. Every word and piece of dialogue that various characters in the game deliver show the precision of the lip sync. Most of the time when watching a game sequence i felt as if i was watching a movie.

The LOW:

Small Graphical and Freeze Issues:

The Playstation 3 version of L.A Noire is flawless, but Xbox 360 version of the game is plague by some graphical issue where the screen will tear or at times freeze for a few seconds. The frame rate also drops a lot on Xbox 360. If you are going to buy Xbox 360 version of the game we highly recommend you yo install the disc on HDD.


After going to through each and every minute details about L.A Noire, all I will say is that its a must have game title for each and every one. In L.A Noire, Team Bondi and Rockstar has incorporated everything gamers want from Heavy Rain and GTA, and guess what they done a brilliant job. L.A Noire is definitely one of the top contender for this year’s “Game of Year” award.



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