Metro 2033 Review


Metro 2033 is a game develope by Ukrainian company name 4A games. It gives its gamers a cinematic experience along with a first person shooting experience and is loosely based on the best selling novel of the same name.

Metro 2033 as the name itself indicate to you that it is set in the year 2033, in the city of Moscow. In the start of the game the city of Moscow has been rocked by the nuclear explosion forcing the surviving population of the city to take shelter in an underground subway. The people who took shelter in the underground subway are in a state of panic and had started spliting in to communities and had became enemy of each other, apart from being enemy of each other the people also face COmmunist and Nazis, Now you may be guessing what Nazis are doing in 2033 well thisquetion will be best answered by the developer only.

But for the people of Moscow there are most worst thing is in place for them, as some radioactive paranormals and monster are on the verge of attacking. Well from the introduction you get the feel as if you will be going to be a part of a full fledge futuristic movie, but it has Metro 2033 has all the element in it to be a successful game title.

The plot of the game now give you the control of the character name Artyom, who set on the journey to warn other and save lifes of the people from the dark one monster. This whole journey of Artyom takes place in the subway excluding one or two on the land surface. The developer of the Metro 2033 has emphasize more on the surrounding of the game rather than the gameplay but it is not let you that much done a little more emphasize on the gameplay would had make it more thrilling and exciting. My point will be made claer to you by the this example weapons in the Metro 2033 causes a bit low damage it require 10 shotgun for killing a Nazi.

Developers 4A has to a new thing here which might frustrate a certain community of the gamers, this new thing is that gamers can use ammunition as a currency for upgrading their weapons or for getting new weapons, the plus point in this is that you will have to think twice before firing bullets without any use. The negative point in this is that it won’t make any sense for you to spend your ammunition on upgrading for a particular enemy only.

All along your game play you will be face tough challenge which will be scary and at some point of time you will feel like you won’t survive but to get through this you can use the option of stealth. In your gameplay you will come across various trap such as hanging drinking traps and broken glass which will make your sneaking path more difficult and this trap get harder and harder as you progress in this scenario you can use the stealth option for your benefit and can thank the developer for this stealth option.

The speed at which the game progress is awesome, it will keep you guessing at every moment what is coming next as you will discover every new thing on every step forward, this is the best part of Metro 2033 that it did not give you the sense of monotony get settle in you and keep you guessing what is next.It is being further supported by the amazing and incredible sound effect and add to that the sound of your heartbeat and the sound of your breath. But the local vocal-actor doesn’t goes well with the feel and rest of the game and this is one of the thing that has negative effect on the game.

The game graphic and visual is also a treat for the gamers if you leave alone some of the graphics and visual above the surface of the ground which is not good to some extent.

All in all, this game is a must-buy. Not for it’s shooting-mechanics, not because it’s challenger to Modern Warfare 2; but because it’s totally different, for the dark tension-filled atmosphere it will immerse you in. Though it lacks multiplayer, the single player more than makes up for it.

Metro 2033 has to be a must buy game title for the gamers because it is something different from the others and has live up to the expectation what we had from it. The game could have been more better if it has a multiplayer option. Overall the developer of Metro 2033 4A has done a great job.