MLB 14: The Show PS4 Review: Truly Next-Gen Baseball Game but Limited New Features


MLB 14: The Show has finally arrived on Sony’s next-gen Playstation console, Playstation 4. Its an open secret that graphics/visual wise the game looks stunning (1080p/60 FPS). For the first time in MLB series history, crowds looks more realistic, stadiums and weather effects are impressive, animation are downright amazing and smooth. Does these graphics/visuals upgrade are enough for Playstation 4 owners should buy MLB 14: The Show?

MLB 14: The Show

What about other important aspects of the game such as “Gameplay, Modes, Online Multiplayer and others”. Read on to find out whether MLB 14: The Show deserve a place in PS4 owners gaming library?


Overall gameplay of MLB 14: The Show on Playstation 4 is great and addition of new modes which adjust to player skill level is a welcome change for those who are not sure where to start. Coming to controls, its also pretty good but players will feel a bit itchy when it comes to throwing the ball. Basically what i meant to say is that it will be easy for players to cancel throw on accident but a bit tough execute a hard throw. However, Sony San Diego has perfectly crafted out batting and pitching controls, hitter’s eye and other next-gen features almost perfectly and hardly came across any issue there.

Game Modes Especially Quick Counts and RTTS:

MLB 14: The Show game modes are one of the major selling points, from career-oriented RTTS: Road To The Show to newly added Quick Counts everything is just fantastic. Quick Counts mode allow players to go through the game at a fast rate via generated pitch counts. This shortcut won’t affect statistics and players will still be able to enjoy impact of all the key moments from the game. This is really a brilliant addition for players who are bit lazy in going through all 9 innings in some major league contest. The only downfall of this mode is players will be able finish the game in just over 30 minutes time. RTTS “Road To The Show Mode” is another defining feature. Gamers are allowed to create a player from scratch but this time around they will also be provided an option to model their characters to any of the real-life players.

Overall Presentation:

The overall presentation of MLB 14: The Show on Playstation 4 is stunning whether we take into consideration crowds in the stadium, players character model to movements, animation. The most noticeable upgrade can been seen in textures, stadium and especially crowds. they look more diverse now and carries variety of animations. Almost on all counts, MLB 14: The Show looks terrific but San Diego missed a trick or two while creating eyes of the character models, they just don’t look natural in any sense.

Carry Over Your Previous Season On PS Vita and PS3 To PS4

MLB 14: The Show supports cross platforms save and so if you have started a season or a player on PS Vita or Playstation 3, you can carry your progress to PS4. Gamers have an option to save or upload to from the cloud and continue their gameplay across all three Sony platforms.

Dynamic Difficulty:

This is another great addition to MLB 14: The Show. The function of Dynamic Difficulty is to automatically adjust the difficulty level depending upon the performance of players. The most important thing about Dynamic Difficulty is that it takes into consideration different aspect of the game individually for example if a player is terrible at batting and good at pitching, Dynamic Difficulty will automatically adjust pitching difficutly to higher level and bat difficulty to lower level.


The best online mode in MLB 14: The Show is Community Challenge. In this mode, players make and play custom challenges and also share it with other players. The task in Community Challenge range from batter or hit a home run to hitting grand slam in WS i.e world series. However all these things comes with a catch, player can post a challenges only after completing it themselves. This means you are limited with your skills and imagination.


There’s also a in-game currency like thing in MLB 14: The Show called “Stubs”. Players can make use of stubs to play other player’s challenges or unlock characters in Diamond Dynasty. But from where and how to get Stubs? either you can earn it by playing games or can buy it by means of real money. Stubs cost for real money are steep and so it feels like this system was deliberately added by developer/publisher to earn some extra cash.


MLB 14: The Show on Playstation 4 is a definitive port, but if you have bought MLB 14: The Show on Playstation 3, its better not to go for next-gen version as apart from graphics/visuals upgrade everything is identical. The game still packed so much content that it feels like there something for everyone, from casual gamers who want to just go through the game at a rapid pace to geeks who want to build the entire season right from the word scratch.


  • Amazing Visuals
  • Gameplay
  • Modes such as RTTS, Quick Counts and Challenge


  • Not much of a few feature considering the fact this is next-gen version
  • Stubs just seems like a extra money grabbing machine

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