Modern Combat: Domination Review for Playstation 3


You might have not heard much about Gameloft with respect to Console games, however their dominance in mobile gaming is known to each and everyone of us. Many console games developed by Gameloft has faced tough criticism and have been described as exact COPY of some particular game.

But no matter how much criticism they faced, one game which has helped them put their name in gaming map is “Modern Combat: Sanstorm”, gamers and critics compare it with the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield series. Seeing this success of Sandstorm, Gameloft decided to make “Modern Combat” as a franchise which will help them in becoming a well known name as a console developers, and as a result of this we got Modern Combat: Domination.

Modern Combat: Domination

Boom And Bust, Extraction Mode:

Boom And Bust, Extraction mode in Modern Combat: Domination can be said as the pillar of the game, in other words these are only two modes which are worth a watch. Before going into details of these two gameplay mode let me tell you that, in Domination gamers get to choose one teams from available two “Attacking” and “Defending” team.

In Boom and Bust mode, the attacking team is provided a task of planting bomb in one of two site, if they get successful in doing so, they are crowned as the winner. The defending teams task is to stop the attacking in their mission by any means.

Extraction mode brings up a completely different challenge to gamers, in this mode attacking team require to get an objective set location, but at the same time need to avoid the predictable heavy force of defending team, who will be doing anything to stop them.

Other mode in the game are Escorting, Domination, Death Match and Team Death Match which are there just to keep gamer busy in their gameplay.

Kill More to Earn More:

Killing and earning money in any FPS is one of the basic thing, same implies to Modern Combat: Domination. You earn money for Kills but you earn more here if you use different methods of kills. You can make use of the hard earned money in the game to upgrade your weapons, or buy a new one.

If you die in between the battle, you earnings stay with you as it is but you need to buy your weapons from the scratch. All these benefits can be enjoyed by gamers in game’s offline however it won’t result in any XP, no matter how well you do.

Five Maps Offers a lot:

Modern Combat: Domination features in total five maps each unique to itself. These maps are Sandstorm, Souks, The Hideouts, Headquarters and Factory which allows gamers to have an Eight vs Eight online battle. Gamers here make the choice in terms of game type they want to compete however some unique game types in Domination are exclusive to a particular maps hence cannot be used on all of the available areas.

Many thing in common to other FPS:

If you told me to list the difference between Modern Combat: Domination and any game of Call of Duty series on sheet of paper, i may come up with a blank sheet, as during gameplay i didn’t find any difference at all with respect gameplay, to tell you the truth even the game control are pretty much similar to Treyarch shooter.

The only difference is that you can enjoy Domination with Playstation Move.


Overall Modern Combat: Domination present itself as well developed shooting game title, leaving behind its comparison with other well known FPS, the game delivers what it is expected to deliver. At many points Domination lag behind, like lack of options and diversity which gamers do consider while buying game, however seeing its price tag which reads £6.29 (£4.72 for PlayStation Plus subscribers), its not a bad option.


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