Napoleon Total War Review


Napoleon Total War released a month ago, now lets discuss this fantastic game which follows, with all its splendor, the campaigns that led to the great Napoleon Bonaparte to his glory and subsequent demise.

Napoleon Total War, deliver a new strategy game from the popular Total War series. There are very few things to add to a game which is itself is so full. This title encompasses everything that a government does in peacetime and war. Napoleon Total War is not just one or various battles. The game brings together the construction of the store from the smallest to the achievement of major military and diplomatic treaties. There are also multiplayer options, better graphics and an improved interface. As the attacker, your goal is to lead the enemy, but as the defender, you only have to endure until the expiration of 20 minutes, 40 minutes or 1 hour depending on the configuration.

In game despite the heavy burden that can make all this work, we are given the option to self-regulate each region to devote to fulfill the various missions that the government is giving us. The gameplay is the same as in other titles in the series. The turn-based strategy will lead to memorable gameplay where we will also have the option to choose the mode of fighting every battle, which looks very real and get to immerse the player in epic battles royal. On the strategic map the turn-based portion of game takes place where you have to make various strategic decisions, develop research technologies, build infrastructure and moving your army units.

Napoleon: Total War includes approximately thirty factions throughout the game, though only the following are playable in campaigns:

  • Austria – Campaigns of the Coalition and multiplayer (Europe and Italy)
  • France – Story mode and multiplayer (Europe, Egypt and Italy)
  • United Kingdom – Campaigns of the Coalition and multiplayer (Europe only)
  • Prussia – Campaigns of the Coalition and multiplayer (Europe only)
  • Russia – Campaigns of the Coalition and multiplayer (Europe only)
  • Ottoman Empire – Multiplayer (Egypt only)

To solve situations, the player will have to view a complete tutorial which will explain the basic instructions of the game. Playing the tutorial, but sometimes quite long, is fully recommended and sometimes required for the uninitiated and to master the commands and multiple menus in the game, which will be crucial to advance our incursions into enemy territory.

Moreover, another of the main tasks of the game is not only gaining ground but fully preserve the facilities we have or we getting. Moreover, the maintenance of armies will be one more of our everyday duties, since after every battle our army units will be depleted by the ferocity of these so we need to strengthen and create new units.

The Napoleon’s story mode is divided into “ground war” where we learn to move our army units from the battlefield by defeating the British, “Naval War” where our ability to forge the command of the French navy at the Battle of Algeciras and finally “Tutorial Campaign” where General Berthier, the staff officer nearest to Napoleon, teach us to move by a young Napoleon at the siege of Toulon.

Modes for every type of gamers:

Napoleon Total War is designed for all types of players. A popular option Campaigns of Napoleon “that after more deeply analyze follow those of “Napoleon’s Battles” where we can command the French army in various battles like Trafalgar, Waterloo, the Pyramids and the Nile and many others Austerlitz . Another option open to us is to realize the “Campaigns of the coalition” which will embody the Austrian army under the power of the Habsburgs, the British Royal Navy with the powerful control the seas, the Prussians or Russian navy, with a vast territory in eastern Europe.

To make matters worse, the study also provided the “Play Battle.” In this way we can choose the type of contest to compete against other nations. Among them we can choose the kind – land, sea or siege -. Note that in all we choose to select other countries that are not available in battle. Thus, we can also enjoy the other factions that are available in land and sea battles:

  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • United Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Spain

The coalition campaigns can enjoy two types of game. We can play the campaign with the chosen country on a “Historic” for which we are given a series of victory conditions that are aligned with actual history. Thus we have to go and defend twenty regions in all cases including those conquered country at the time. The final statement gives us the deadline for having all these territories under our control, particularly in December 1812. The other way that we can choose is “world domination” for which we must conquer and defend sixty regions in addition to keeping the country safe we govern. Time to end all these regions under our belt is the same as in the story mode.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics have also received a great deal of work. It appears that this title has left nothing to chance and the recreation of the different territories and the sea and the different lakes have a remarkable quality. As in all cases, those who have a good team to play will enjoy a beautiful sight in heading and in the battles, in which each unit has been kept to the smallest detail.

The case of the facilities also is a noteworthy event because there are hundreds of these stores ranging from the farms through magistrates, secret clubs, universities or ports, among many others. All this show figure comes with a soundtrack tailored to each stage with the effects of water if we are near the sea, animals, wind, etc.


As if the gaming experience was not rich enough, the player mode helps to increase the fun of the game. For the first time ever in a Total War game you can play the whole campaign mode online against friends, or have opponents drop-in for one-off battles in single player mode. The “Battle joined” allow ourselves to others or join a campaign battle. At any time, when we go into battle we can turn this option that will allow any user who is online can be our rival in a quick battle. This option allows other players Total War take an active part in our individual campaign. This raid can be done both land and naval battle. The game itself has a chat and file historical battles and campaigns that will allow us to see our statistics. On the other hand also includes the popular local online game where we confront our friends.

We could say that Napoleon Total War covers all the needs of fans of turn-based strategy. It brings together under one power of history with beautiful graphics and excellent audio accompaniment. The gameplay is another strong point, and the dynamism of the headings and battles will we play for hours without noticing the passage of time. Napoleon Total War has stood up, and so far, has won the battle.


  • The narrative of Napoleon’s history.
  • Direct and simple gameplay, but as deep as the user wants.
  • Variety of game modes, with many hours of fun.
  • Multiplayer
  • Shorter load times


  • 18Gb of large installation.
  • Some battles can be win by exploiting the timer.
  • Although some aspects have been polished, they repeat many defects Empire.
  • No additional unit formations, e.g. mixed order formation.