Need For Speed: Rivals Review – PS3

Need for Speed New Frostbite Engine

Before we talk about Need for Speed: Rivals, let just take a look at brief history of this long running racing franchise. The series was started way back in 1994, and Need for Speed: Rivals is the Twentieth title in the series, so developer Ghosts Game had clear instruction from publisher Electronic Arts, do whatever you can but keep franchise fresh and new with Need for Speed: Rivals, and so the creative mind at Ghosts Game came with new cars, new maps, new challenges, stunning graphics and visuals with the help of Frostbite 3 engine.

Now we just need to find answer, can these things satisfy loyal fans of Need for Speed series?. Lets try to find out in our review of Need for Speed: Rivals below.

What Need for Speed: Rivals Is All About:

From cops, cars to high stake rivalry, NFS Rivals has it all!! Its developers Ghost Games do know very well what they are doing! In the virtual world of Redview county you can explore speeds either by playing as a cop or as they say a ‘lone wolf racer’.

Need for Speed: Rivals

The Redview County:

The world where roads are more than 100 miles long ,the world of speed, the world where racers have created havoc for the cops. Redview County is where u gonna get that kick of adrenaline.

You have a pretty good variety of environments on the map some of which include deserts, snow capped mountains, seaside etc etc and etc. There is also a great chance to unleash your excitement when you discover the shortcuts which are hidden from the map.

The Ultimate Cop:

As said earlier the gamer gets to play a cop, by being a member of RCPD (Redview County Police Department). Patrol, enforce and undercover are a cop’s careers. You have to complete a set of assignments to be able to progress to a new level and unlock more set of objectives to choose from. Also gamers can race with or against each other through AllDrive.

The Aggressive Racer:

If cops have careers, racers have speedlists. We are talking about the Autolog system to be precise, which was developed by Criterion and can be found in other NFS titles too ,speed up with your buddies ,compare their timings, race with them, win over them ,post all this to the Speed Wall which has local and global leader-boards and brag about it!!With Alldrive which is a new social system feature in NFS Rivals through which a gamer can switch easily between single or multiplayer.

With all this said, be a rebellious racer and give the cops a hard time!!

Graphics Visuals And Environment:

Need for Speed: Rivals is the best looking game in Need for Speed series (in fact its one of the best looking game on current-gen consoles) all thanks to the DICE Frostbite 3 engine. Almost all cars look next to their real counterpart, loud and gorgeous. Talking about environments and surroundings in Need for Speed: Rivals, they all have a life of their own. Both loyal Need for Speed series fans and newcomers will be stunned by the graphics and visuals in this game.

The X-factor:

The x factor award of NFS Rivals will definitely go to the enchanting collection of cars. Now who wouldn’t want a scorching hot car to control during a mind-boggling race?

Other than Aston Martin Vanquish the cars are available only in police or racer variants. NFS Rivals continues the option of letting the gamer personalize his vehicles which include Pursuit Tech gadgets, fresh paint jobs, decals, rims ,license plates, liveries, and also vehicle performance.

After NFS hot pursuit 2(2002) Ferrari has made its way into NFS rivals. F12berlinetta, 458 Spider, 458 Italia, Enzo are few of the featured models.

The finishing Touches:

With a meaningful plot, high end graphics , exciting new cars and last but not the least : high speeds, NFS rivals is a packet of an engaging game. Be a cop or racer , play alone or with friends the thrill of speeding will not subside.

Rating: 9/10

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