Nintendo DSi XL Review


If i say you that all the features of Nintendo DS Lite is now available in a bigger and better way will you beleive it?

Yes, the bigger is the better, this fits perfect for the Nintendo DSi XL which now comes with two 4.2 inch screen which is 93 percent more screen area as compare to DS Lite. Offering all of the features of Nintendo DS lite is now in a bigger and better way. It is available at a price rate of $189.99.


As of now approximately over 125 millions unit of Nintendo DS worldwide and becoming the best selling video gaming platform, you may ask that why they upgrdade the system now?, According to Nintendo, there gamer wanted to have the same gaming experience in bigger and better way so they have just fulfill their customer wish by giving them bigger screen and a possiblity of plaing two players playing on same machine for example yet to come Photo Dojo game which enable two player to battle together that too on a same machine.

Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DSi is still available in the market at price of $129.99 and $169.99 respectively, so you can have Nintendo Dsi XL in there place it is bit costlier than these two but spending some extra bugs for better gameplay experience is worth.

Screen and Resolution of Nintendo DSi XL:

Well the two screen of Nintendo DSi XL are bigger but the screen quality is same that is Nintendo DSi XL has the same screen resolution as athat of a Nintendo DSI and Nintendo Lite. There is a valid reason for this if Nintendo had upgrade the screen resolution of Nintendo DSi XL that it would have raise a compatibility issue means existing game wouldn’t been compatible with it.

But Nintendo should have done something atleast to have match the quality offer by Sony PlatStation Portable which currently offer this 480X272 pixels and 16.77 millon color whereas Nintendo DSi XL offer 256X192 and 260000 colorS.

Testing and Usage of Nintendo DSi XL:

Already becoming the best selling as compare to its predecessor, the bottom display of it is still touch sensitive which can be access by finger tip or by stylus pen. You can use any one out of two stylus pen which comes with it. Despite the increase in the size of Nintendo DSi XL it is still easy to carry anywhere without any hassle and a matte finish to it at the bottom gives a good grip to it. Previously Kids where able to put eariler Nintendo gaming console in there pocket easily but this will not be possible with Nintendo DSi XL because of it increase in size and weight.

There is no doubt that playing a game on bigger screen is great experience irrespective whether it is new release or old release and add to it an environment where you can read 100 of classic upcoming book which include the well known writer of all time like William Shakespeare, MArk Twain and others, GO it right soon you will be able to use Nintendo DSi XL as a e-book reader also. This Nintendo DSi XL will consist of two camera, a voice recorder with fun effect studio. You will be able to play digital music on Nintendo DSi XL but only AACs no MP3.

There Nintendo DSi XL consist of a Wi-fi enable system by means of which you can download games and other software directly from the DSi shop but the issue here is that whatever is availble for this exra large model is over price as compare to other, for example most of the title at DSi Shop are at price of $5 or $8 or 500 to 800 Nintendo points, now compare this with quality titles available at App Store at $1 to $3 only. For parents there is good news this extra large(XL) model still take Nintendo DS game cartridges.

Nintendo had added some preinstall title but not full version this title is Brain Age Sampler( Brain Age Sample: Math and Brain Age Express: Arts and Letters) and software (Nintendo DSi Browser and Flipnote Studio) which are already available as free download from any where.


If you aready have a Nintendo DSi that gonig for this is not that much worth because you will only get to have a bigger screen and some one or two thing extra, and if you don’t have any of gaming console and are playing to have one from Nintendo that this is for you, Go for it.


  • Bigger Screen
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Better grip offering with use of matte finish
  • Take same DS cartridges


  • Game title of it is overpriced and low on quality
  • No change in scsreen resolution
  • Pre install title are small and not full version.