Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand Preview


Prince of Persia : The Forgotten Sand is a brand new game which is following the series of Prince of Persia by Ubisoft. The game was announced on March 18 for Wii. Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand also comes with a free copy of the similar version for Super Nintendo. Most of you might be waiting for the game review. I am going to provide you some really interesting information on the Wii Version of Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand game along with some game tips.

First of all I will like to admit that Ubisoft has worked well for the game graphics. Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands has really nice graphical environments with new and exciting puzzles and a lot of new powers to explore. A perfect pack for Prince of Persia fans. The classic version of Prince of Persia game is termed as the best classic game played ever. Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands is released for various platforms. You can also buy the similar version of this game for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, DS and PSP. The game released date was announced March 18.

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand is the latest game from the Prince of Persia game series. The storyline of the game first begins with Prince of Persia The Sands of Time. A distant magical place where a Prince has to fight with evils to get his kingdom back. Ubisoft Qubec has developed the version of Prince of Persian The Forgotten Sands for Wii and PSP while Ubisoft Montreal is working for PS3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.

Story continues after Sand of Times :

The game begins after what the story ends in Prince of Persia The Sands of Time. The prince finishes his adventure in Azad and visits is brother’s kingdom came to know that the royal palace is under the influence of a mighty unknown army which is ruled by an evil and planted for his destruction. The Prince here takes a decision to use the Power of Sand : The Sand Ring to win against all the battle. The power helps the prince to get his kingdom back and also in the due course of time the prince learns the abilities of true leadership and discovers great power. He bounds to have a great responsibly on him for getting engage himself in the greater battle of saving his kingdom.

As per Nintendo Power the game story revolves around a female called Razia the Dijnn. She seeks Prince help to get freedom for his kingdom which is slaved by a Devil. Prince of Persia game has the ability to take you back in the time of magic and adventure. You will here learn to acquire new powers in the game and learn new tactics for combat. The biggest attraction for the game is the new elemental power given to the king in the puzzle. This has given a new approach tithe entire and major game play of The Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand. In the game as the Prince you will learn to develop new abilities and combat style in a unique way. Those hyper jump events in the game excites me every time whenever I played Prince of Persia. I am waiting how Ubisoft works well to configure those movements on Wii.

In Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand the Prince will be provided with 4 new powers which are very important for him. The best example for this I can give you is the water control power. Here the Prince can freeze the fountain waters and make them columns for climbing higher. A magical way of getting out of the trouble. Prince can simply climb on them and make his way out. Other than this you will be provided with more 2 minor powers which will be of great help. Prince will have to purchase these minor powers from Razia a Dijnn.

The character of Prince and his role in the game stays somewhat similar to what you have played already on Prince of Persia The Sands of Time. The minor power will also offer Prince to control small tornadoes and have a shield for protection. The combat style and movements is very much similar to the Prince of Persia The Sands of Time. That does not mean that you are going to play a new version of the same of Sand of Time game. No, there is lot more new in this. For combat part two most important things are needed for you to remember. The first one is crowd control and the other one is enemies envision. This will help you to determine who’s gonna win the match.

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand on Wii

In Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand the Prince will get 3 new magical powers. This 3 new magical powers are called as The Sand Ring. The power will help you to overcome various difficulties in the game. It will help on those places where you will not get ledges to climb, grip to catch and pillar to climb higher. It will acts as life saving pack for you. The 3 magical powers : The Sand Ring will also help you to solve puzzles and server you in navigation. As the Prince if you want this power then first thing you will have to do is to discover the source of this power. In some challenges the Prince have to use all this 3 Power in a single attack. This will led to combination of this power into a single powerful attack where no enemy can withstand.

Ubisoft has worked really well to configure the movements of Prince of Persia game on Wii. You will really feel a nice and excited way of playing Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand. The Wii Remote will act as the sword of the mighty prince to cut enemies into pieces. For punching the Nunchuk is well configured. The swing of Wii Remote will make the sword to battle in a more deadly manner. Other movements like blocking or rolling are configured properly to the buttons. This is why because the developers does not want more confusion for the gamers with multiple movement configurations.

Here is a small tip for you. In the game while fighting with a bunch of enemies you will have to track the leader. The leader is the main person in the enemy who navigates everything. If you kill the leader the other group members will run away. But the question comes here how to track the leader. For this you will have to notice a blue aura around the head. You have to fight and also keep a sharp eye on this. Once you got the guy withal blue aura around his head you can simply hit him to dead and the rest will flee. Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand will really take you back in the time of magic and adventure. A unknown place where you are the only hope.

As you pick the game controller you will find yourself with a super ability of controlling water. You can freeze the water, climb on it as how you climb on poles, walk on walls and make your way out. This makes the Prince unstoppable. I am really excited about this new edition. The controls of the game are familiar to those who had already played the older versions of Prince of Persia. The game fans are really familiar with the game controls and abilities where you get to block, role, jump, climb poles, etc. This keeps you more engaged in the game and the excitement never ends.

The sound quality of the game is really nice. The game platform is designed cleverly by Ubisoft. The best part of the game which I enjoyed is the sudden rise of the dead from sand which gives you a sudden shock. The Wii version of Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sand is really enjoyable and a nice game for the season. For gamers of Prince of Persia it is not quiet tough to learn about the new tactics and powers. But for newbie’s the game gives a bit hard time basically for controls.