Sniper: Ghost Warrior Review – PS3


City Interactive’s Sniper: Ghost Warrior was launched on Xbox 360 and PC last year only, but the Playstation 3 version of the game has just released in Europe and is schedule to launch in June for North America. In order to compensate PS3 gamers for the delay developers has added few PS3-exclusive features such as new multiplayer mode and a single player missions. In addition to these extra contents, many improvements has been made in PS3 version of game for example fixed to AI and many more.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior ps3 box art

However the main question here is, does these extra contents and improvements makes Sniper: Ghost Warrior in a “must have game for all PS3 owners”?, lets check out.



The main aim of Sniper: Ghost Warrior players is to assassinate a high priority target in each mission, which is very much similar to Hitman games, however many times some untoward incident will occur and players will end up in a small firefight. At first glance Sniping is very much easy, but the more stress and problems players encounter, the harder it becomes for them to keep a steady hand. Players need to keep their concentration level at a highest level in order to pull off each shot perfectly.


Sniper: Ghost Warrior majority of gameplay is all about getting to each waypoint that too without being detected by enemy. This task involves maneuvering stealthily via bushes and tall grass, and killing enemies silently or just sneaking past them. To help players avoid detection a small meter is available at the bottom of the screen, it will turn red if you are in the view of an enemy. However if you didn’t notice the meter, and came in the view of enemy all you need to do is kill the enemy that saw you and carry on.

Interface and Menu screen:

One of the best thing about Sniper Ghost Warrior is user interface and menu screen. The loading screens take minimum time to load and is graphically very good, each and everything is quick and easy to access. If a gamers die, they start from a previous checkpoint, and thanks to developer this take very minimal loading, to tell you the truth it happens almost instant, so you can get back into the game straight away.


Flaws in Stealth Mechanic:

Sniper: Ghost Warrior stealth mechanic has few problems. The very first one is that your enemy for some reason knows your exact location, even though you make your way through tall grass to another place when they weren’t looking. The second major problem with stealth mechanic is that its very much difficult to see through undergrowth, developer should have implemented some sort of transparency for gamers when they are hiding in bushes. A small map is present in the corner of the screen which gives details about where enemies are, but at instance they won’t show up until the very last seconds.


The graphics and visual in the game looks a little bit shabby. Throughout the game players are in a similar type of environment and surrounding, which gives not a good feel to the gamers. City Interactive could have done a better job but adding one mission in a city without trees. Graphics and visual wise Sniper: Ghost Warrior a big let down.


Personally i had high expectation from Sniper: Ghost Warrior, and it really did a good job but only in some aspect. Overall its not a completely bad game, but there are many flaws in the game. If you enjoy sniping and like stealth games then this one is definitely for you.

BUY: Sniper: Ghost Warrior


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