Watch Dogs 2 – Sweetly Hacked Review

Watch Dogs 2, the sequel to Ubisoft’s “hacking” game series is a less exciting journey of playing a lead DedSec hacker, Marcus Holloway. Taking on the cTOS and the company which formally created the OS, DedSec is a rebellion hacker’s group that continued from the previous game. A lot of new faces are in the picture. Marcus Holloway the patron is on the mission to replenish his profile, wrongly mutilated by the OS. The story does not take anything from its predecessor, instead it goes straight ahead with different main operations and various side missions.

Watch Dogs 2 Review

The Plot:

Watch Dogs 2 is missing freshness in terms of the plot. Old version revolves around revenge, while the new one is a personal trait of patron. Engaged in a war against corporate, a hacker makes a way out to build up a team by joining would be notorious hacking group. There is nothing much revealing in terms of story-line. It moves with the game does not carry much conversation. The characters comprise a group of young low profile hackers. Other lead characters looks less smart the way they are portrayed in the game.

Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Plot Review

The story we believe could be more engaging if Marcus, can have something to fight for, instead of messing up with the corporate for a social cause.

Game Play Mechanism:

Game Mechanism is designed to earn followers enough to take down the culprit behind hijacking everyone’s privacy. A lot of side missions will offer you enough Research Points to unlock new upgrades and items. Followers tend to push you for the final mission. Mixing less hacking stuff with social media mechanism, is what I observe the most in Watch Dogs 2. Building up a powerful follower system enough to take down a Corporate that holds strength in politics, military and business is a relative possibility in the virtual world only.

Watch Dogs 2 Game Review

AI does not put you much on the challenge, the multiplayer mode though is impressive for pro gamers. But at some point after getting too much in the game, things get repetitive. The aim is to locate a hack, access door and run away in most of the chapters. I was expecting a lot of bright technical aspect of hacking world to be revealed in Watch Dogs 2.

You can play the game the way you want, this is the freedom of Watch Dogs 2. You can dash into bunch of guards, and re-spawn from the checkpoint to complete the mission or be a pro hacker and use your smart gadgets to distract and take them down. Well, the puzzles are time consuming, instead of being complicated or “hack” specific.


Game is well designed, with minimum glitches. You can roam in the beautiful city of San Francisco, hack vehicles, take down people profiles, etc. There are many things you can do. The city is three times bigger in comparison to its predecessor, this opens up a humongous hours of game-play for those who are done with all the operations. Later to get into shape, you can try out the online challenges. The console version looks great, but the characters in cut scene are better.

Hack, Hack and Run:

After you get your Smartphone and gadgets ready, you are on your way to take down the corporate conspiracy. Well it looks very challenging at the start, as a few bunch of people are against a huge corporate, luckily even if you penetrate in a high profile tech office, you are still not fugitive. No one is coming at your home to take you. Watch Dogs 2 looks took the hack part pretty seriously that added a lot of similar kind of content in between the levels. Thank god, we have the 3D printer to play with some weapons. I do miss Wrench Jr, he has fewer roles in the game.

Watch Dogs 2 Review

The game has an Easter egg that talk about an upcoming Ubisoft game, widely discussed over the web. We are unclear whether it is true, or just a rumor.

Final Words:

Watch Dogs 2 is the game for your weekend, pro games won’t need much time to finish it up, but if you want to run around the city and show off your park-our skills, hack offices, phones, etc. Grab your drinks and controller then. The main operations are well organized, with the final one that is revealed at the start itself, which kills the suspense.

The game map do reminds me of GTA 5, and a common mechanism of hijacking cars, driving on long routes, etc. You can talk to people to get some side missions, for gaining more points. The game also does not bring a huge list of collectibles. Overall we found it a decent game, but not as promised.