How to get Twitch Drops in Sea of Thieves for June 2020

Rewards are available for everyone.

Screengrab via Rare

For a limited time, Sea of Thieves players can turn in a variety of available Twitch Drops happening for the game during the month of June. You do have a specific requirement to do before outright claiming it, so make sure you meet the requirements. These Twitch Drops will only be available from June 3 to 17. These were made available to celebrate Sea of Thieves‘ arrival to Steam.

You need to jump over to the Sea of Thieves Twitch Drop page on the developer’s primary website. Once here, you need to connect, or create, a Twitch account. You will need to follow the account steps on Twitch’s website to activate it. When you have it active, you can then link your Twitch account to your Sea of Thieves account, but you will need a Microsoft account to connect the two.

You can sign-up for one on the primary Sea of Thieves page. After you finish that, you can connect the Microsoft and Twitch accounts. The website will ask if you want to authorize it, and you need to confirm the authorization for the connection to work. Following the connection, you then need to agree to the terms and services. After that, the two should work together, and any rewards you receive for the Twitch Drop will now go to your Sea of Thieves account.

After the accounts are connected and work together, you will need to catch one of the verified Twitch Sea of Thieves streamers. These are Sea of Thieves partners. You can find them in the list of available Sea of Thieves directory on its Twitch page. Pick any of the available streamers and watch them on your connected account for at least 30 minutes. You will receive the rewards after having done so.

You can claim your Twitch Drop from your pirate chest, which you can find aboard your ship or at one of the outposts. It will vary depending on what type of item it is, such as one for your ship, your pirate’s appearance, or their weaponry.

Each day features a new reward.