All skills in The Sims 4

What skill will you master?

Skills in The Sims 4 are different actions and abilities your Sim has. Most skills can be increased by practicing the action. Increasing a skill unlocks new and interesting interactions with all kinds of objects. The more you increase a skill, the more interactions you can use. There are 50 skills for your Sim to learn and train in The Sims 4.

List of Adult Skills

  • Acting – Can be practiced in the mirror and used in social interactions
  • Archaeology – Discover digs and ancient artifacts
  • Baking – Like cooking, but more precise
  • Bowling – Practice bowling to get better at… bowling
  • Charisma – A Sim’s ability to have conversations with other Sims
  • Comedy – A Sim’s ability to make jokes and perform in front of other Sims
  • Cooking – How well a Sim can cook food
  • Dancing – Using this skill unlocks dance moves for your Sim
  • DJ Mixing – Practice in the DJ booth and make music for the crowd
  • Fabrication – Lets the Sim create new recipes to fabricate
  • Fishing – The ability to catch fish 
  • Fitness – Using different methods of physical training
  • Flower Arranging – Create different flower arrangements
  • Gardening – Taking care of plants 
  • Gourmet Cooking – Advanced cooking of gourmet foods 
  • Guitar – The Sim can play the guitar
  • Handiness – How well a Sim can repair objects
  • Herbalism – Identify herbs and create remedies
  • Juice Fizzing – Makes a Sim better at making fizzy juice
  • Logic – Allows a Sim to use a Microscope and Observatory
  • Media Production – Used to perfect music, videos, and streaming interactions
  • Mischief – Social Skill that let’s a Sim cause… Mischief
  • Mixology – Making drinks at a bar
  • Painting – Creative skill involved with painting
  • Parenting – Used to take care of children
  • Piano – The Sim plays the piano
  • Pet Training – Dogs will be able to perform tricks
  • Photography – The Sim can take interesting pictures
  • Pipe Organ – Vampire skill, Sim plays the pipe organ
  • Programming – Computer skill that allows the Sim to create programs
  • Research & Debate – Social skill used for debating
  • Robotics – Creating and repairing robots
  • Rocket Science – Used to build rocket ships
  • Selvadoradians Culture – Socialize with Selvadoradians and learn about their culture
  • Singing – Use the Karaoke Machine and unlock more songs
  • Vampire Lore – learn more about Vampires
  • Veterinarian – Treat pets in a Vet Clinic
  • Video Gaming – Increasing this allows you to have new interactions on the Computer
  • Violin – The Sim plays the Violin
  • Wellness – A skill to promote peace in your Sim with meditation
  • Writing – Allows the Sim to publish books

Toddler Skills

Toddler Skills are the most basic skills that can be learned by a Sim. They are the building blocks to future skills.

  • Communication – Basic communication and social interaction skill
  • Imagination – Precursor creative skill developed with toys
  • Movement – Physical skill increased by dancing 
  • Potty – Learn to use the Potty
  • Thinking – Lowers tantrums, defiance, and gives Toddlers independence

Childhood Skills

These are upgraded Toddler skills a Child can learn that will eventually transfer into the Adult skills.

  • Creativity – Activated by performing creative interactions with activity table
  • Mental – Performed at the science table and chessboard
  • Motor – Physical skill used on jungle gyms and monkey bars
  • Social – Use toys develops this skill