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  • 3DS XL "Black and Blue" model revealed by Nintendo

    Nintendo has revealed a brand new color model of 3DS XL and this time around its "Blue and Black" edition. This special edition of 3DS XL will be coming exclusively in Japan.

    Price, release date and other details of this new edition will be revealed in coming days. In the meantime you guys can check out the image of this 3DS XL Black and Blue edition below.

    Click on the image below to ENLARGE:

    3DS XL: Black and Blue Edition revealed

  • GameStop Trade-In Incentive for 3DS to 3DS XL revealed, "In-Store Data Transfer"

    According to report from GoNintendo, GameStop is offering in-store data transfer incentive to gamers who want to trade-in 3DS to 3DS XL.

    3DS vs 3DS XLThe site reports that this information comes directly from a GameStop Manager.

    • Stores will be offering a better upgrade incentive for those trading in a 3DS towards a 3DS XL
    • In-store data transfer for those trading 3DS to 3DS XL

    If this is TRUE than its definitely a great news for gamers who want to trade-in their 3DS with 3DS XL. Official confirmation is still awaited in this regard.

  • Nintendo: No more 3DS hardware update plan for FUTURE, focus is on 3DS XL only

    Nintendo head Satoru Iwata has confirmed to investors that the firm has no plan whatsoever to launch more 3DS models beyond 3DS XL in future. Just last week, Nintendo announced 3DS XL at Nintendo Direct, and for time being this is the last 3DS hardware update.

    3DS XLThis new 3DS design does not feature second Circle Pad but Nintendo has confirmed to Famitsu magazine that fans will be able to buy it in late 2012.

    Wii you upgrade your Nintendo 3DS with this new hardware 3DS XL?, let us know your views in the comment section below along with the reason for the same.

  • 3DS vs 3DS XL Comparison Video details every DIFFERENCES

    Ever since the announcement of 3DS XL, gamers across the globle wants to know exactly how big the screen of the handheld is in comparison to 3DS. To all this query a comparison video footage between 3DS vs 3DS XL has arrived.

    3DS vs 3DS XLGoing by the details in the video, i can say that 3DS XL screen is indeed a large, and many games like Kingdom of Hears 3D and Legends of Zelda will look awesome and stunning.

    Here is the comparison footage below.

  • 3DS XL "1:1 Pixel or Native Resolution Mode" confirmed, details revealed

    Here is the third reason to buy newly announced Nintendo 3DS XL. The handheld features larger screen and also possess better battery life as compare to 3DS, but the standout feature in comparison is 1:1 Pixel Mode.

    3DS XLHere is the details about 1:1 Pixel Mode of 3DS XL. When gamers play DS game on its 3DS, it does not scale perfectly due huge difference between resolutions of 3DS and DS (the exact difference figure is DS resolution: 256 x 192 and 3DS resolution: 400 x 240).

    This issue won't creep up while playing DS game on 3DS XL, since the later have perfect pixel mapping for older games all because of larger screens. In 3DS XL the dot pitch is 0.2657mm as compared to 0.1922mm of 3DS.

    This dot pitch helps a lot because the higher the figure the better pixel mapping will be and better old games will look on 3DS XL.

  • Nintendo 3DS XL Technical Specification Released

    Nintendo Japan has revealed the complete technical specification for their recently revealed new 3DS system called "3DS XL". According to the details in the technical specification of 3DS XL will have bigger screen and better battery life.

    3DS XL SpecificationHere are the technical specification.


    • 134mm × 74mm × vertical thickness horizontal 21mm (when folded)
    • (Including the battery pack stylus SD memory card) 235g

    Top screen

    • (Approximately 16.77 million colors viewable) widescreen LCD with integrated Autostereoscopic
    • 240 dots vertical (horizontal) × 800 dots / (46.08mm vertical 76.8mm × horizontal) 3.53 type
    • can be assigned respectively to 400 dot 800 dot the right eye-left eye (horizontal three-dimensional representation is possible)

    Bottom screen

    • (Approximately 16.77 million colors viewable) LCD with touch input feature
    • type 240 3.02 × 320 dots vertical dots next to / (46.08mm 61.44mm × vertical horizontal)


    • Two cameras inside / outside
    • Resolution (0.3 mega pixels) 640 × 480 both lenses: the number of effective pixels CMOS /:: imaging element / focal length of approximately 300,000 pixels


    • 2.4GHz communications passing between the play and play Nintendo 3DS available
    • via the wireless LAN access point can be connected to the Internet (supports IEEE802.11b / g Reinforcement (WPA / WPA2 ) security) within 30m distance recommended ambient communication (? may be shortened by circumstances)

    Game inputs

    • A / B / X / Y button, cross, L / R buttons, Start / Select button
    • (Possible 360-degree analog input) Slide pad

    Touch screen

    • Built-in microphone
    • Motion sensor
    • Gyro sensor

    Game card slot

    • SD memory card slot

    Charging terminal

    • AC adapter connection terminal
    • Headphone connection terminal (stereo output)
    • On the screen left and right stereo speakers (for surround pseudo-)
    • (10cm when fully extended about) possible expansion and contraction


    • If you want to play Nintendo software 3DS : about 3 hours to 6.5 hours
    • if you want to play the Nintendo DS software: about 5 hours to 8 hours
    • Battery life may vary depending on the brightness of the screen.


  • Nintendo 3DS XL: North American Box Art Revealed

    The North American box art for recently revealed Nintendo 3DS XL has been revealed. This new 3DS system will launch in three colors, white, silver and black, red and black.

    Nintendo 3DS XLIt will arrive in North America on August 19 for $199.99. 3DS XL features 4.88 inch top screen and a 4.18 inch bottom screen. Check out the box art below. Click on the image ENLARGE.

    3DS XL Red North American Box Art 1 3DS XL Blue North American Box Art 1 3DS XL Red North American Box Art 2  3DS XL Blue North American Box Art 2

  • 3DS XL battery life details revealed, just a Modest Improvement

    Nintendo has just revealed the details regarding the extra battery life of their recently revealed new 3DS system called as 3DS XL.

    Nintendo 3DS XLAs per the details revealed by Nintendo, 3DS XL will last merely 3.5 – 6.5 hours while playing any 3DS game. Furthermore, these figure will vary and this will depend on Wi-Fi and brightness setting.

    Now take into account battery life of the original 3DS system, it was 3-5 hours, so in short Nintendo 3DS fans expecting a huge improvement in 3DS XL battery life, prepare to get disappointed since there isn't a massive improvement.