• Battlefield Hardline: Fix for incorrect Battlelog URL, clicking Play leads to registration page, shootouts, FRAPS, hardware, patch issue and Comondo issue

    Following the announcement of Battlefield Hardline, gamers are excitedly registering for the beta game and most of them are also getting selected. But the number of issues that are coming up is becoming the reason of concern. If your gameplay if getting interrupted but such issues, go through this quick guide to avoid those frustrating moments.

    Battlefield Hardline

    If you have still not registered for the Battlefield Hardline Beta then you will find a guide on Battlefield Hardline Closed Beta: Step for registration, minimum PC requirements and download steps.

    Incorrect Battlelog URL

    If Battlefield Hardline is not able to launch or is taking you to the wrong page. go to the game and directly select
    This is how it looks:
    Try to uninstal and reinstall the Origin client if you are still facing this problem.

    Sent to registration page on clicking "Play"

    Follow these steps to solve the issue:

    1. Log-in to Origin
    2. Go to "My Games"
    3. Right click "Battlefield Hardline Beta"
    4. Click "View Game Details"
    5. Find Product Key and copy it
    6. Click "Redeem Product Code" from the Origin menu
    7. Follow the procedure to redeem your product code
    8. Now log out of Origin and Battlelog
    9. Log-in to Battlelog
    10. Select Battlefield Hardline from the drop-down menu
    11. Now you will be on the correct Battlelog site
    12. Select quick match, log in to Origin and activate Battlefield Hardline

    Crash while shootouts

    ​Electronic Arts say that they are aware of this issue and are tryng to fix them as soon as possible, so be patient as this game is in its early stages. 

    FRAPS issues

    If you are using FRAPS while playing Battlefield Hardline, try to disable the Origin In Game visual overlay. You can do this by unchecking the "Enable Origin In Game" box from the Application Settings. Electronic Arts advise us to not use FRAPS at the same time as Battlefield Hardline.

    Hardware related issues

    • Alienware M17X

    The Battlefield Hardline Beta cannot detect Alienware M17X Laptop Video RAM of 1GB and using it will experience graphical problems. There is an increased risk of crashing in-game if you are using Alienware M17X

    • Auzentech X-fi Prelude

    The left and right side audio channels are not able to produce audio in-game

    • AMD A8 Processors

    Try to update your BIOS firmware as specific AMD processors crash when playing map and game mode combination

    • AMD Radeon HD 7970

    When Eyefinity is enabled, players will see a see a stretched image of the car in the lower-right corner while selecting a spawn point that will send the player in the car.

    • Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1

    If you change the speaker configuration in Windows Control Panel, Battlefield Hardline will not be able to emit sound.

    • Nvidia 9800 GT SLI

    There will be texture issues if you are using Nvidia 9800 GT SLI.

    • Diamond Xtreme 7.1

    Battlefield Hardline will not be able to emit sound on Diamond Xtreme 7.1.

    • Auzentech X-Mystique

    Battlefield Hardline will not be able to emit sound from the center channel.

    • Nvidia 9800 GX2 SLi

    There will be texture issues with Smoke, fire, and fog.

    • Nvidia drivers version 285.62 or older

    There will be more number of crashes in-game.

    Unsupported values for resolution allowed

    They allow you to enter any value to set the PC Screen Resolution. But since your screen will only support specific values, the game will be a graphical mess if you try to change the number. We advice to not change these values.

    Battlefield Hardline Beta patch issue

    If you are asked to patch Battlefield Hardline even after patching, try to restartOrigin and Battlelog. If the problem persists try uninstalling and reinstalling the Battlefield Hardline. The final option is to uninstal and reinstall the Origin client.

    Comondo Internet Security issue

    Try to uncheck the "Enable Origin In Game" box from Origin In Game tab of Application Settings.

    If you are still having issues with your Battlefield Hardline go through this guide: Battlefield Hardline: Fix for MSVCP110.dll Error, Hardline Battlelog, Cant download game, Game not in library

  • Battlefield Hardline Closed Beta: Step for registration, minimum PC requirements and download steps

    If you still haven't registered for the Battlefield Hardline Closed Beta, follow this guide as soon as you can to try and secure a place for playing Battlefield Hardline. Ever since Battlefield Hardline has been announced, there is a wave of excitement among the gaming community. All of us are waiting to lay our hands on the brand new part of this ferocious Battlefield game. The PC community can verify the system requirements for the Battlefield Hardline game below.

    Battlefield Hardline

    To register for the closed beta of Battlefield Hardline click HERE.

    Steps to register for Battlefield Hardline:

    • ​When you open the registration page, enter your date of birth and select your preferred platform
    • Click Continue

    Battlefield Hardline Closed Beta

    • Now the Beta Agreement page will open

    Battlefield Hardline PC

    • Verify  your Origin ID, Origin email and Country
    • Read the Battlefield Hardline Beta Agreement and click the checkbox if you agree
    • Click Continue
    • Now you shall receive a confirmation of successful signup

    If you are lucky to be chosen for the Closed Beta, you will receive an email containing the details of Beta access. PlayStation 4 players will receive a code for the Battlefield Hardline Beta which can be redeemed on the console from the PlayStation Store. Select "Redeem Codes", after that you can download Battlefield Hardline Beta.

    Battlefield Hardline Beta PC System Requirements:

    • OS: Windows 8 64-bit
    • Processor: AMD Six-Core CPU or Intel Quad-Core CPU
    • Memory: 8 GB
    • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7870 or Nvidia Geforce GTX 660
    • Graphics Memory: 3G
    • Hard Drive: 30 GB free space

    Download the Battlefield Hardline Beta:

    • If you are among those PC players who have received the email containing the details of Beta access, select the "Get it Now button" to download the Battlefield Hardline Demo.
    • View the progress of your download, look for Battlefield Hardline Beta game tile in My Games library of Origin.

     If you have downloaded the Battlefield Hardline Beta and are facing crashes, go through this quick guide to solve your issues: Battlefield Hardline: Fix for MSVCP110.dll Error, Hardline Battlelog, Cant download game, Game not in library

  • Battlefield Hardline: Fix for MSVCP110.dll Error, Hardline Battlelog, Cant download game, Game not in library

    There was no news about the Battlefield Hardline and suddenly they drop a huge bomb that Battlefield Hardline beta is now available. Having said that and since this is a beta version, there are a few errors in the game like any other. These include missing MSVCP110.dll Error, downloaded game is not working, Hardline Battlelognot accessible etc.

    Battlefield Hardline
    So here is a quick guide to overcome few of these issues easily, go through the list below:

    1. Missing MSVCP110.dll Error
    2. Not able to access Hardline Battlelog
    3. ​​Cant download Battlefield Hardline
    4. Downloaded game is not working
    5. Game not in the library

    Missing MSVCP110.dll Error

    Update your graphics and DirectX drivers. Then check for the latest redistributable, for that search for vcredist_x64 or vcredist_x86 for 64 and 32 bit systems respectively in the Battlefield Hardline Beta folder. Reinstall when you find the redistributable.

    Not able to access Hardline Battlelog

    ​Right click on Battlefield Hardline and select  "View Game Details". Now copy the product code and go to "Redeem product code" from the menu. Punch in teh code you have just copied and let it activate. Now simply log out of the Battlelog and login again.

    Cant download Battlefield Hardline

    The very first things to do is disable your anti-virus software and firewall, be sure that only the game download is in progress and not any of the unreliable sites. If download fails, be patient and restart. Since its been only a little amount of time that the game was announced, many gamers are excited and want to lay their hands on Battlefield Hardline.

    Downloaded game is not working

    Set origin to go offline ad restart Battlefield Hardline.

    Game not in the library

    Go to Origin > Account  Privacy > Order History
    If you see Battlefield Hardline here, you need not worry, but if you don't, then all you have to do is click refresh continuously till the games is visible. Click refresh 30-35 times and it should show up.

    For more information on these issues read our coverage: Battlefield: Hardline Online Beta Issues : Access Closed over PS4, Sign up issues, not showing up in Origin

  • Battlefield 4 will be powered by Frostbite 3 Engine

    Battlefield 4 (the next installment in Battlefield franchise) will be powered by Frostbite 3 Engine, according to details coming out from BF4 Central.

    Battlefield 4The site reports that Frostbite 3 Engine from DICE is filled with tons of new features built from scratch. The list of new additions include much improved destruction feature (this will allow players to destroy the building completely), better lighting system, new animations, and brand new weather system.

    EA and DICE will official reveal Battlefield 4 at GDC 2013 in just few hours time. In the meantime you can check out first Battelfield 4 screenshots and trailer HERE (leak ahead of official reveal).