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DmC Devil May Cry: Dante’s White Hair Unlocking Guide

Ninja Theory’s DmC Devil May Cry is out now in retail stores, fans (both veteran and new) are enjoying each and every moment of the game except for one thing, lead character Dante’s new appearance. But wait guys, just don’t curse Ninja Theory on this, because DmC Devil May Cry development team has already provided […]Read More

Fans “won’t be disappointed” with DmC Devil May Cry and

No matter you guys think about Dante’s new look and upcoming DmC Devil May Cry game, Capcom has assured that fans “won’t be disappointed” with DmC Devil May Cry. At “World of Capcom” panel at New York Comic Con 2012, Capcom’s Karl Reader stated, “those of you saying ‘it’s not the old Dante; it’s not […]Read More

Devil May Cry (DmC) Box Art revealed, Pre-order bonus details

Capcom has revealed the official box art of Ninja Theory’s DmC “Devil May Cry” reboot. The game is schedule to arrive on January 15 for PS3 and Xbox 360. The publisher also revealed Amazon exclusive pre-order bonus. Gamers who pre-order Devil May Cry will get exclusive bone weapons and character perk. Transform Dante’s shotgun, scythe […]Read More

“I don’t care if DmC sells a thousand units or

The development team (Ninja Theory) behind Devil May Cry game titled as DmC just got one thing from fans of the franchise and it is “HATE”. Fans stated that the upcoming DmC gane is going too drastically different. Recently PSM3 asked Tameem Antoniades for his byte on a comment made by fan who said upcoming […]Read More

Ten Best Video Game Characters of All Time

There are thousands of characters associated with video games. Many are memorable. Many stay with us long after we finish playing the game. Some are the main characters, others the antagonists, NPC’s or companions to go a-questing with. But a very few stand out from crowd. There are a handful of video game character than […]Read More

DmC extended TGS trailer features old Dante

Capcom has released an extended TGS trailer of Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry reboot. The extended TGS trailer begins with little existential philosophy, and then quickly shifts to new look Dante fighting each and every kinds of demos using his weapons (including dual handguns Ebony & Ivory.) The trailer also feature glimpse of Devil Trigger […]Read More