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The best horror games on PC

Horror is subjective, but a poor horror experience will only deliver a poor game (looking at you, Colonial Marines), so to ensure that you won’t have to pick up a poor horror experience again, here are the five best horror games that you can find on PC.Read More

Worst Games In Great Series #1: Dead Space 3

We are starting a new feature series called “World Games In Great Video Game Series”, and we kick off our journey with Dead Space series. Dead Space 1 and 2 was critical and commerical success for EA but things dramatically and greediness of EA spoiled Dead Space 3.Read More

Legend of Chun-Li writer Justin Marks to pen Dead Space

A movie based on Dead Space video game franchise is still ALIVE. The publisher Electronic Arts has just announced the name of the writer who will pen down the script of Dead Space movie. At San Diego Comic-Con, EA announced Justin Marks (the man behind famous Street Fighter: The Legent of Chun-Li) to pen down […]Read More

Dead Space 4 Cancelled by EA due to “Poor Sales

Update: “While we have not announced sales for Dead Space 3, we are proud of the game and the franchise remains an important IP to EA,” an EA spokesperson told Joystiq. Original Story: Electronic Arts has canned Dead Space 4 (next installment in popular Dead Space franchise) and has also axed the entire series following […]Read More

Dead Space 3 Review – PS3

Dead Space 3, developed by Visceral Games and published by EA, is the latest installment added to the popular Dead Space franchise, but does it live up-to all the hype that was created before the release?Read More

Real Dead Space 3 GameInformer Review Score arrived, 9.75/10

The real GameInformer review score of Dead Space 3 has finally arrived via March 2013 issues, and guess what to everyones surprise Dead Space 3 receive near perfect score 9.75/10 Find the full listing of scores below: The Cave – 7.75 Dead Space 3 – 9.75 Anarchy Reigns – 7.5 Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time […]Read More