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  • New FIFA 14 Patch On PS4 Live Now, "Fixes Exploit in FIFA Ultimate Team That Provided Undue Advantage"

    A brand new patch for Playstation 4 version of FIFA 14 is available for download. As per the details we received from Electronic Arts representative, this update fix issue/exploit in FIFA Ultimate Team where users were unfairly awarded a win or avoided a loss after disconnecting from a FUT match.

    FIFA 14A similar update to fix same issue in FIFA 14 Xbox One version will arrive in future, EA confirmed, however no exact date of release was announced.

    So this update seems to be a minor one but most important one as it fixes one of the exploit that gave undue advantage to players.

  • FIFA 14 On Xbox One Gets 170 MB Patch, Changelog Awaited

    EA Sports has just released a massive update for FIFA 14 on Xbox One. The patch weighs around 171 MB in size. No details/changelog has been revealed yet by EA Sports.

    FIFA 14

    So we have to wait for some time to know what all new changes has been made in Xbox One version of FIFA 14. Have you downloaded this latest patch on Xbox One?, let us know the changes you observe after installing it.

  • FIFA 14 Xbox One Version Gets New Title Update, Fixes Stability Issues With Online Matches And More

    EA Sports has finally released the long awaited patch for Xbox One version of FIFA 14. This same update was released for Playstation 4 on Dec 19, so you can easily make a guess how long it took to arrive on Xbox One.

    FIFA 14EA Sports has also shared changelog, and as per the details in it, the update improves stability issues with online matches, fixes issues with online match invites and many more things.

    “Our commitment to improve the FIFA 14 is ongoing,” EA said, “and regular feedback from our fans helps us prioritize and identify future improvements.”

    For full list of changes, read official changelog below.

    • Some stability issues when entering Online matches.
    • Some cases where users with large friends lists can’t access certain Online features.
    • Allows the Goalkeeper in Clubs mode to change camera angles.
    • Modifications to a couple of camera angles in specific stadiums to improve playability.
    • Ensures the Brazuca match ball appears properly in FUT once redeemed in the EAS FC Catalogue.
    • Resolves some Online issues regarding match invites.
    • Improvements to some Kinect Global Speech Commands.
    • Occurrences of mismatched roster names in Seasons matches.
    • Virtual Pro Ball Skills varying from match to match.
    • Random list appearing instead of Friends Clubs list in Pro Clubs.
  • Fifa 14 beats Call of Duty: Ghosts in UK’s Christmas number one 2013

    Nothing else matters when numbers talk, and that is exactly what has happened here. GfK Chart-Track figures show that EA's FIFA tops Activision's Call of Duty: Ghosts by 17,000 copies after an 18 per cent rise in sales.

    Fifa 14

    Fifa has reclaimed this position after two whole years; it was in 2008 that Fifa 09 was at number one. EA's has mostly dominated UK's Christmas number one with 14 out of 28 number one titles and 8 of which have been Fifa.

    Since the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2007, Call of duty has been UK's Christmas number one. Call of Duty: Black ops 2 was UK's Christmas number one of 2012. This year it is at the second position. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag claims the third positing, followed by Battlefield 4 and Lego Marvel Super Heroes at the fourth and fifth positionsrespectively.

    Grand Theft Auto 5, Just Dance 2014, and Need for Speed: Rivals are at sixth, seventh and eighth position respectively. Followed by Killzone: Shadow Fall and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

  • New FIFA 14 Patch Live Now on Xbox One, Address Key Stability Issues, Details Revealed

    EA Sports has released a brand new patch for Xbox One version of FIFA 14. The purpose of this update is to address a few key stability issues. In addition to stability, this update will ensure Virtual Pro attributes and stats accurately carry over from current-gen consoles to next-gen consoles.

    For early adopters who have already upgraded from [Xbox 360] to [Xbox One] and have issues with their Virtual Pro carrying over, there are server updates ongoing to address this.

    EA Sports also wants FIFA 14 players to send in their feedback via their official website so that they can improve FIFA 14.

    Let us know in the comment section below, what issue are you guys facing with FIFA 14 since launch.

  • EA Comment on FIFA 14 Crash Issue On Xbox One: "Don't Connect Two Controllers While Booting FIFA 14"

    EA Sports has finally issued an update on FIFA 14 crash issue on Xbox One. The developer advice players not to connect two controllers to Xbox One while booting up FIFA 14, this will prevent the game from crashing.

    FIFA 14EA Sports via their official support site stated that using " controllers to navigate the bootflow may cause a crash. To avoid this, please only use one controller during the FIFA 14 bootflow.

    "You can turn on and use additional controllers once in the FIFA Menu. The team will be fixing this issue shortly after launch."

    EA via their official website also stated that a DAY ONE patch will be out soon to address this crash issue on Xbox One.

    Are you facing random crash issue or crashing while connecting two controllers to Xbox One.

  • New FIFA 14 Patch Fixes Freezing, Crashing And Connectivity Issues, Changelog Revealed

    EA Sports has just released a third title update for FIFA 14 to address connectivity, freezing and crashing issues. Apart from this, the update also adds new kits on Creation Centre and a lot more.

    FIFA 14"On freezing and crashing: our game data shows that previous updates and maintenance periods have helped immensely to improve stability but we will continue to investigate these reports internally and with our partners. In this update, we have addressed connectivity issues, and instances of freezing and crashing in several game modes."

    Read the complete changelog below.

    • Career Mode lag when subbing players
    • Fixed several FIFA Ultimate Team hangs, including:
    • One instance of a crash when entering the FIFA Ultimate Team main menu
    • A hang when comparing players after accepting a trade offer
    • Skill Games pad arrows now switched to pass receiver when he gets the ball
    • Virtual Pro numbers defaulting to 9 after a match
    • Corrected instances of kit clashing
    • New kits on Creation Centre showing as EA Kit 1
    • Fixed some audio scenarios
    • Co-Op Seasons squad changes will be reflected on teammate’s screen
    • Added Bahia licensed kits and crest
  • FIFA 14 on Xbox One Automatically Saves Best Moments, on PS4 Manual Editing Required

    Some brand new FIFA 14 details on Xbox One and Playstation 4. It has been confirmed via website Sportra (who recently attended preview event) FIFA 14 on Xbox One automatically saves best moments and players can view them afterwards from Xbox menus.

    FIFA 14On the otherside,  PlayStation 4 automatically records the last 15 minutes of gameplay. If players want to record some key moments from their FIFA 14 gameplay they must manually edit the footage by creating start and end points via the PS4's "Share" button, and then upload the footage or screenshots.

    FIFA 14 is one of the launch title of Xbox One and PS4 and so it will arrive alongside console in November 2013.

    Source: Sportra

  • FIFA 14 for PS4: Amazon UK Cuts Price by 47%, Now Available Only for £47

    Amazon UK has just dropped the price of FIFA 14 Playstation 4 version by whooping 47%. The game was previously available for £89.00 (when added), after this massive price drop, FIFA 14 for PS4 is now available only for £47.00.

    FIFA 14 PS4 Box ArtFIFA 14 is one of the launch title of Playstation 4, and so will arrive on November 29 in UK and other European region. You can take a look snapshot of the price drop below, also check out FIFA 14 Amazon UK Page HERE.

    FIFA 14 For PS4 Price Drop on Amazon

    You can read our review of FIFA 14 for Playstation 3 HERE.

  • PS4 Games Trophy List Start Appearing on Internet: FIFA 14, Skylanders And Playroom

    The first lot of Playstation 4 trophy sets has been revealed which includes "FIFA 14, Skylanders Swap Force and The Playroom". Playstation 4 is schedule to arrive in November 2013, so reveal of trophies of few games at this point of time seems to perfect.

    PS4You guys can check out the trophies list of all these three games from following links:

    PS4 will launch in US on November 15. It will launch in Europe on November 29, while Japan will get it in February 2014.