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  • God of War: Ascension Patch 1.10 Live Now, Official Changelog Revealed

    Sony and Santa Monica has just released new patch 1.10 for God of War: Ascension. As per the details revealed in changelog, God of War: Ascension patch 1.10 adds Labyrinth of Daedalus to Trial of the Gods and also fix some bugs and balancing some combat.

    God of War: AscensionHere is the official changelog as revealed by Santa Monica:

    Overall Feature Enhancements

    Labyrinth of Daedalus

    • Now available for Trial of the Gods single-player and co-op. Conquer the massive Skorpion alone or with a friend.

    New Labors for Bout of Honor

    • Glorious: Play 5 Bout of Honor Matches.
    • Resilient: Achieve the Tide Turner Feat 25 times.
    • Resolute: Achieve the Unwavering Feat 25 times.
    • Supremacy: Achieve the Dominator Feat 25 times.
    • Unrivaled: Win 5 Bout of Honor Matches.

    Audio Adjustments

    • Audio Fixes for MoC 4 player and Announcer for all Localizations Fixed

    Combat Adjustments

    • Combat Effects Updated
    • HUD fixes and adjustments for MP Objectives
    • Player Indicator appears when Teammates are Offscreen in Trial of the Gods Co-op
    • Visual Fixes for Brutal Kills
    • Brute Combat Fix for Trial of the Gods 1 and 2-player
    • Minor Hermes Boots Balance Adjustment for Trial of the Gods
    • Sword of Zeus Air L1 Triangle Bug Fix
    • Balance Adjustments to Hammer of Hephaestus
    • Relic of Divination Balance Adjustment
    • Hades: Relic of Haste Fix for Desecration Rank 3 Magic

    Bout of Honor Adjustments

    • Updated Camera for Bout of Honor
    • BoH Scoring Fixes for Double KO
    • BoH UI Fixes
    • BoH Labors Added
    • Boh Tuning Changes
    • FX Corrections made to BoH intros and outros

    Network Adjustments

    • Network fixes to address player dropouts
    • Network fix for Party System
  • Santa Monica Teasing God of War Announcement Incoming, New GoW Game for PS4?

    Santa Monica via their official Twitter account have teased some sort of new God of War announcement. Is this teaser related to new God of War game or a new map pack for God of War: Ascension?, no details yet.

    God of War: AscensionA recent tweet from Santa Monica reads "Incoming Soon #GodofWar". The tweet also features an Instagram link which is of a short video that shows a group fighting in a coliseum of sorts.

    Fans should kept their exciting level under control and should presume that this teaser tweet is related to some sort of DLC for God of War: Ascension multiplayer modes. Anything else would seem a little much for a random Tweet and an instagram video.

    Check out the tween from Santa Monica below.

  • God of War: Ascension Patch 1.09 Live Now, Official Changelog Revealed

    Sony and Santa Monica has released new patch 1.09 for their PS3 exclusive game "God of War: Ascension". This latest patch adss 1 vs 1 mode and few new maps, details of which is listed below.

    God of War: AscensionGod of War: Ascension Patch 1.09 Changelog:

    All/Misc Spears

    • Air triangle move has had its range and timing slightly improved. It
      should now be more viable from a distance, and also air to ground.
    • The spear delay square attack has had its ranged appropriately
      increased so it should be a more viable mix up option for a quick/go-to
      unblockable, especially in 1v1 play.

    Blade of Poseidon

    • Fixed a bug where the air version of the triangle special would
      occasionally play no effect but still hit opponents (occasionally
      recovery could also be unfairly cancelled.)

    Blade of Zeus

    • The start-up time of the L1 triangle in the air is now closer to its ground counterpart

    Juggles, Hit Reactions/Misc

    • The frames where players were allowed to cancel and recover from
      hit-stun during certain extended combos have been adjusted to allow
      players to escape as intended.
    • This was also the existing functionality, however in certain
      occasions of lag or low performance, that window was extended which
      would allow both players to combo when they shouldn’t have, and for
      players to escape when they should be getting combo’d. This has been
      adjusted to be consistent across the board.
    • A bug has also been fixed where players would appear to glow white /
      invulnerable, but they were not technically invulnerable/ in a recovery
      state yet. The visuals now match the functionality.

    Infinite/1 –hit Combos

    • Several 1-hit combos have been adjusted to prevent “re-juggling” of
      opponents mid combo string. The hits themselves will stand land, however
      they will cause a reset-hit rather than a re-juggle. This only affects a
      handful of weapons, and specific combos.

    Poseidon Hammer Stats

    • Adjusted the stats slightly of the Poseidon armor. It was giving slightly too much physical resist
  • God of War: Ascension Primordials DLC Trailer

    Sony has just released God of War Ascension Primordials DLC Trailer. The description of this latest trailer reads something like this: "Download the new Primordials Weapons DLC including the Armor of Typhon and the Mercenary Blade."

    God of War: Ascension"Also available now, the Blades of Darkness including the Blade of Thanatos and Artemis, as well as the Armors of Anarchy - including the Armor of Chaos and Callisto. It is time to evolve, Champion!"

    Watch the trailer below.

  • God of War: Ascension and GoW3 for PS4?, "Could Be Done" says Santa Monica

    Could God of War: Ascension and God of War 3 arrive on PS4?. Eurogamer recently asked this to Ben Diamand, Graphics Engineer at Sony Santa Monica. The reply that came from Ben Diamand is interesting enough to excite fans.

    God of War: Ascension on PS4Eurogamer first asked Ben what he personally thinks about Playstation 4?. To this Ben replied, "It’s definitely got its share of interesting challenges – filling up that much memory from disk takes some time. From a technical standpoint, the DDR5 part is perhaps more interesting to me. But the 8GB part makes me pretty happy, too, since I think it makes a powerful PR statement."

    Ben was further quizzed, how difficult it would be to bring God of War 3 and God of War: Ascension onto PS4?. Here is what Ben replied:

    "Our approach is not really ‘to the metal’. It never really has been, and people are surprised every time we say this. Yes, we optimise, sometimes a lot, but we try to be smart about when and where. As for God of War and PS4, I couldn’t possibly comment on anything ‘future’"

    Ben further went on to state, "It could be done. The PS4 hardware is such a big leap forward in terms of graphics power compared to the PS3 that we probably wouldn’t need to go that far. Most if not all of the SPU techniques we developed and used on PS3 were there to reduce the RSX workload. With the PS4 GPU we probably wouldn’t need those techniques."

    Chances of God of War: Ascension and God of War 3 arriving on PS4 is slim at the moment but how can we forget the treatment PS3 has received (numerous PS2 games, both upscaled and simple ports).

    Would you guys like to see upgrade port of either GoW: Ascension of GoW3 on PS4?. Let us know your views in the comment section below.

    Source: EuroGamer

  • God of War: Ascesnion Development Budget was $50 million: Report

    According to reports coming out from German gaming website "20 Minuten", Sony spent whooping $50 million on God of War: Ascension. However no details has been revealed whether this $50 million includes development as well as marketing costs.

    God of War: AscensionWhitney Wade, Lead producer said to 20 Minuten (translated) "For God of War: Ascension a mid double-digit million amount was invested,"

    Going by the sales figure of God of War: Ascension Sony will easily be able to recover the development cost (NOTE: God of War III (development cost $44 million) went on to sell around 5 million units, Ascension won't be able to match that but recovering development cost won't be a tough task for Sony).

  • God of War: Ascension Patch 1.04 Changelog Revealed, Improves Multiplayer and more

    Santa Monica has revealed the changelog of upcoming God of War: Ascension patch 1.04. Going by the details in the changelog, patch 1.04 will improve multiplayer experience (fans will definitely love these new changes).

    God of War: AscensionNo release date has been set for God of War: Ascension patch 1.04 but Santa Monica stated that the update is currently in final testing and tuning phase. So guys expect it to arrive very soon.

    God of War: Ascension Patch 1.04 Changelog:

    Elite Levels – Going Beyond Level 30

    • One of the biggest enhancements in our upcoming 1.04 update will be increasing the allegiance level cap from 30 to 40. With the addition of 10 levels for every God allegiance, we are introducing a new item, two new relics, and an ultimate magic for every allegiance. For our Champions who have ascended to the highest levels, and for those on their way, now you have a new goal to reach. It will not be an easy journey.

    Champion Stats

    • We want you to show off! You will now be able to access your accomplishments in battles from the main menu.
    • In addition to displaying your prowess in competitive combat, from death/kill ratios to win percentages, we want to see how you are faring in Trial of the Gods.
    • Our team hasn’t just been focusing on adding new content; we’re also working tirelessly to address prominent bugs and other issues denoted by the community.

    Audio Issues

    • We are very aware of the audio drop issues many have been experiencing. This was a critical fix for this update, as a powerful and immersive audio mix is a tremendous part of the God of War experience. We apologize again for those impacted — now you’ll be able to better enjoy our sound team’s painstaking efforts.

    Matchmaking Optimization

    • Our work in addressing this and getting players into matches as quick as possible is non-stop. We have already made numerous improvements based on your feedback at our boards and social channels, and have recently bolstered our ranks internally to make further improvements. You should be seeing marked improvements daily; please continue leaving any feedback in our forums.

    Shard and Unlock Requirement Fixes

    • We are addressing the shard issue preventing players from attaining the Spear of Destiny and Barbarian Hammer in version 1.04 (possibly sooner), and have made additional tuning changes, namely on weapon shard drops for some of the rarer weapons, as well as unlock requirements for certain armor pieces, weapon stats, and magics.


  • God of War: Ascension patch 1.03 Live Now, All Changes Detailed

    Sony and Santa Monica has just released patch 1.03 for God of War: Ascension. To download this latest patch all you need to do is be connected online and boot up God of War: Ascension. You will be prompted to download patch 1.03.

    God of War: AscensionAs per the details we receive from Santa Monica, God of War: Ascension patch 1.03 carries fix for two single-player issues (issue that was preventing some players from progressing past the Manticore battle in Chapter 27 and fix for Trial of Archimedes.

    Read below more details about the changes:

    "In the 1.03 update, at the end of each elevator stage (3 total), players will now receive a measured amount of Green Health Orbs and a nominal amount of Blue Magic Orbs back. This change affects all difficulty levels. We are confident this revision will address feedback regarding “Trial of Archimedes” while still preserving the level of challenge appropriate for this late section of the game."

  • God of War: Ascension launch sales pretty low, 50% less than God of War 3

    God of War: Ascension has sold less than half the launch week sales of its predecessor God of War 3, according to details revealed in latest UK Chart listing.

    God of War: AscensionSquare Enix's Tomb Raider stood firm at the top of the UK charts for a second week in a row, whereas PC exclusive StarCraft 2: Hearth of Swarm completes top three.

    You can check out the top-ten list below.

    1. Tomb Raider
    2. God Of War: Ascension
    3. Starcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm
    4. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
    5. SimCity
    6. Fifa 13
    7. Far Cry 3
    8. Crysis 3
    9. Call Of Duty: Black Ops II
    10. The Sims 3: University Life


  • God of War: Ascension's "Trials of Archemedes" puzzle too difficult says Fans, patch coming soon

    God of War lead developer Todd Papy has just confirmed via his personal Twitter account that Santa Monica is planning to patch game's last puzzle "Trials of Archemedes", as fans are complanning that its too difficult to solve.

    God of War: AscensionOne frustrated game wrote on Twitter, "The elevator in chapter 28 is very hard to beat... I HATE YOU (Make a patch please, I've been like two hours trying it...)"

    To this tweet, Todd Papy replied, "It will be patched very soon."

    Is "Trials of Archemedes" puzzle in God of War: Ascension too difficult?, do you want Santa Monica to patch it?. Share your views with us in the comment section below.