• GRID 2: Full Track List Revealed, 82 Tracks in Total

    Codemasters has just revealed full track list for their upcoming racing game GRID 2. As per the details revealed by Codemasters, GRID 2 will feature a whooping 82 track.

    Grid 2Check out the full list below. GRID 2 will arrive on May 28 in North America and on May 31 in Europe.

    1. Al Sufouh Strip, Dubai [Day & Night]
    2. Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong [Sunset]
    3. Arc De Triomphe, Paris [Day & Night]
    4. Art Deco Loop, Miami [Sunset]
    5. Avenue De New-York, Paris [Day & Night]
    6. Big Sur, California [Day & Night]
    7. Bixby Pass, California [Day & Night]
    8. Cabrillo Highway, Cote d’Azur [Sunset]
    9. Causeway Approach, Miami [Day & Night]
    10. Championship Circuit, Yas Marina [Day (Pre-order) & Night]
    11. Champs Elysees, Paris [Sunset]
    12. Circuit De La Seine, Paris [Day & Night]
    13. Club Circuit, Algarve [Day]
    14. Collins Park Ring, Miami [Day & Night]
    15. Columbus Bay, Barcelona [Sunset]
    16. Columbus Pass, Barcelona [Day & Night]
    17. Downtown Speedway, Miami [Day & Night]
    18. Fountain Loop, Barcelona [Sunset]
    19. GP Circuit (Pre-order), Brands Hatch [Day]
    20. GP Circuit, Algarve [Day]
    21. GP Circuit, Indianapolis [Day]
    22. GP Circuit, Red Bull Ring [Day]
    23. GP Circuit, Yas Marina [Day (Pre-order) & Night]
    24. GP Circuit Reversed (Pre-order) , Brands Hatch [Day]
    25. GP Circuit Reversed, Red Bull Ring [Day]
    26. Gulf Approach, Dubai [Day & Night]
    27. Hattan Way, Dubai [Sunset]
    28. High Street, Barcelona [Day & Night]
    29. Indy Circuit, Brands Hatch [Day]
    30. Indy Circuit Reversed, Brands Hatch [Day]
    31. Infield Circuit, Indianapolis [Day]
    32. International Circuit, Yas Marina [Day (Pre-order) & Night]
    33. Jumeirah Beach, Dubai [Day & Night]
    34. Kowloon Climb, Hong Kong [Day & Night]
    35. La Turbie, Cote d’Azur [Day & Night]
    36. Lake Shore Point, Chicago [Day & Night]
    37. Le Trocadero, Paris [Sunset]
    38. Leopolda, Cote d’Azur [Day & Night]
    39. LiveRoutes, Barcelona [Day]
    40. LiveRoutes, Chicago [Day]
    41. LiveRoutes, Dubai [Day]
    42. LiveRoutes, Miami [Day]
    43. LiveRoutes, Paris [Day]
    44. Magazine Gap, Hong Kong [Day & Night]
    45. Marina City, Chicago [Sunset]
    46. Marine Gate, Barcelona [Day & Night]
    47. Memorial Gate, Barcelona [Day & Night]
    48. Mizu Mountain, Okutama [Day & Night]
    49. Nakheel Vista, Dubai [Day & Night]
    50. National Circuit, Algarve [Day]
    51. North Circuit, Indianapolis [Pre-Order Bonus] [Day]
    52. North Circuit, Red Bull Ring [Day]
    53. North Circuit Reversed, Red Bull Ring [Day]
    54. Ocean Drive, Miami [Sunset]
    55. Orra Quay Loop, Dubai [Sunset]
    56. Oval Circuit, Indianapolis [Pre-Order Bonus] [Day]
    57. Pacific Way, California [Sunset]
    58. Paddock Circuit, Yas Marina [Day (Pre-order) & Night]
    59. Peak Road Descent, Hong Kong [Day & Night]
    60. Pebble Beach Drive, California [Day & Night]
    61. Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong [Sunset]
    62. Pont De L’alma, Paris [Day & Night]
    63. Redwood Approach, California [Day & Night]
    64. Riverside, Chicago [Sunset]
    65. Route De Corniche, Cote d’Azur [Sunset]
    66. Route d’Azur, Cote d’Azur [Day & Night]
    67. Saint-Laurent, Cote d’Azur [Day & Night]
    68. Sakura Pass, Okutama [Sunset]
    69. Shinto Shrine, Okutama [Day & Night]
    70. South Circuit, Red Bull Ring [Day]
    71. South Circuit, Yas Marina [Day (Pre-order) & Night]
    72. South Circuit Reversed, Red Bull Ring [Day]
    73. South Point Bay, Miami [Day / Night]
    74. Sport Circuit, Algarve [Day]
    75. Sport Circuit , Indianapolis [Day]
    76. Tatsu Valley, Okutama [Day & Night]
    77. Tenshi Way, Okutama [Day & Night]
    78. The Loop, Chicago [Day & Night]
    79. Torii Rush, Okutama [Sunset]
    80. Underpass Ring, Chicago [Day & Night]
    81. Wabash Run, Chicago [Day & Night]
    82. Wan Chai Gap, Hong Kong [Day & Night]
  • GRID 2 Single-Player Campaign Length Revealed, Over 30 Hours Long

    Codemasters has confirmed to VG247 that single-player portion of Grid 2 will last over 30 hours. Codemasters Senior Executive Producer Clive Moody told VG247 that during internal testing GRID 2's single-player campaign clocked over 30 hours (for full completion).

    Grid 2Clive Moody said, "It’s massive. Playthroughs at the moment – if you want to 100% the whole game – you’re looking at 30-hours plus for the average gamer to get through that experience.

    That’s doing everything we have to offer, all of the side events, promotional events and challenges as well. It’s a large experience that will keep people busy, and once they’ve blitzed that then online multiplayer is there."

    Senior games designer Ross Gowing added, “We’ve noticed a trend in recent years with some of the supposedly ‘big’ games that were actually six hours long, and we didn’t feel that was sufficient value for money for our fans at all. We wanted to make sure there was so much more for them to do.”

    GRID 2 launches on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 across North American from May 28, and across Europe from May 31.

  • GRID 2 Official Box Art Revealed

    Codemasters has just released the official box art of their upcoming racing game GRID 2. You can view the box art below. Codemasters has also promised that more news abot GRID 2 is coming at 2:00 PM today. It is expected that a brand new trailer of GRID 2 is incoming.

    Grid 2Grid 2 challenges players to be fast, be first and be famous as they enter a stunning new world of competitive motorsport. Following the success of Race Driver: Grid -- which set new standards for damage, AI, visuals and introduced the Flashback time rewind feature (now adopted by many racing games).

    Grid 2 will again raise the gameplay and technological bar for motorsport gaming and remain true to the series' core value -- it's all about the race. Grid 2 will also introduce the new TrueFeel Handling System, which uses real physics to hit a sweet spot between accessibility and simulation to deliver handling that is approachable yet challenging to master.

    GRID 2 Official Box Art:

    GRID 2 PC Box Art GRID 2 PS3 Box Art GRID 2 Xbox 360 Box Art

  • Four new GRID 2 screenshots released

    Codemasters has released four brand new screenshots of GRID 2. Part of a long string of blockbuster racing games (including TOCA Championship Racing, Pro Race Driver and the original Grid), this is the second next-generation entry in the street racing franchise.

    Grid 2No exact release date for GRID 2 has been announced yet, but a release windosw of Q2 2013 has been confirmed by Codemasters. You can check out four brand new screenshots below.

    Grid 2 screen 1 Grid 2 screen 2 Grid 2 screen 3 Grid 2 screen 4

  • Two More GRID 2 teaser screenshots released

    Codemasters has released two more teaser screenshots on their official Facebook Page for what is to believed a next installment in GRID franchise, GRID 2.

    Grid 2The official reveal of GRID 2 is planned for August 8. You can check out the new teaser screenshots below.

    GRID 2 Teaser Screen 1 GRID 2 Teaser Screen 2

  • GRID 2 teaser screenshot released

    Codemasters has released a teaser screenshot for what is to believed a next installment in GRID franchise, GRID 2. The image was released on Codemasters official Facebook Page and just features a tarmac road.

    Grid 2Last week Codemasters released a teaser trailers that featured number "2" and August 8 as official reveal date. It also featured a car spinning its wheel in slow motion and hashtag "#theracereturns". Check out the image below, and teaser trailer HERE.

    GRID 2 Teaser Screen