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  • GTA V: List of Unique Body Modifications for Cars

    Take a look at long list of Unique Body modifications of cars in Grand Theft Auto V. This is one of the best list right now present on internet.

    GTA VGTA V is already out on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. PC and Next-gen version not yet officially announced.

    • Cavalcade: upgraded sound system in back (subwoofers, amp, etc)
    • Bodhi: Bull horns to hood and roof. Headlight covers
    • Sand King XL: Unique roll cage in truck bed. Camper shell
    • Rebel (rusty version): Several trophy/baha truck bed mods. Nets for windows
    • Rat Loader: Shortened truck bed. Unique grill. Unique exhaust options. Non-chrome bug catcher intakes
    • Dubsta: Several off road mods. Tire on hood. Snorkle. spare tire on back.
    • Sultan: WRX style hood intake. Tachometer added to dash
    • Sabre Turbo: Several unique muscle car mods. Roll cage with NOS tank. Painted from and rear bumpers. Side shot exhaust
    • Phoenix: High rise spoiler. Glass T-Tops
    • Ruiner: Very tall blunderbuss style exhaust
    • Futo: Also has very tall blunderbuss style exhast
    • Peyote: Cowl induction hood. Painted/chrome spare tire. Curb feelers. zebra seat covers. Los Santos plaquered
    • Tornado: Unique bumbers. Hood ornaments. Unique exhaust options.
    • Manana: Has some low rider mods similar to the Peyote
    • Bagger: Remove saddle bags. Remove Fairing
    • Youga: Can add overhead camper modification
    • Asea: Stickerbomb modifications to bumper, fenders, hood, and roof.

    Source: Reddit

  • New GTA Online Vehicle Resell Glitch Works Post patch 1.04, Full Tutorial Revealed

    Rockstar Games recently released GTA V patch 1.04 with an aim to fix numerous glitches and bugs that allow players to earn million/billion GTA$ in GTA Online. The developer to some extent in disabiling few glitches and bugs but GTA Community went a step ahead and has already discovered new glitch to make millions of GTA$.

    GTA OnlineRead below the entire tutorial on how to make millions via Vehicle Resell Glitch post patch 1.04:

    Step 1

    • Start an invite only session of GTA Online.

    Step 2

    • Have a custom car that you’ve heavily modified. The Sultan RS is a good one to use and you can resell it for around $72K if modified. Note that you cannot use super/premium cars though.

    Step 3

    • Park your car close to Los Santos Customs (LSC) and then go to pause –> options –> set spawn point. Select a spot close to LSC.

    Step 4

    • Then hold down on the d-pad and select a story mode character. You’ll spawn into single player mode.

    Step 5

    • Once in single player mode hold down on the d-pad again and select your GTA Online character.

    Step 6

    • You should then spawn inside your custom vehicle near the LSC.

    Step 7

    • From here simply drive the vehicle into the LSC and proceed to sell it. As soon as you sell it though (and I mean very quickly) press start –> online –> swap character.

    Step 8

    • This will take you to the GTA Online character selection screen. Simply select the character you are already using (do NOT cancel/back out).

    Step 9

    • You should spawn next to the LSC at your custom spawn point in your custom vehicle! Then simply repeat steps 6-8!

    Let us know in the comment section below if you need any help on this tutorial.

    Thanks to Our Friends at GTA5Cheats for above tutorial

  • GTA Online Guide: How to Unlock Survival Mode And Survival Mode Maps

    For those who are unaware of, Survival mode in Grand Theft Auto Online is a type of jobs that bombard you with hordes of enemies as a result of which difficulty level is increase because this hordes continue.

    GTA OnlineThis Survival mode is one of mine personal favourites, and here are the reason behind this, put forward a difficult challenge, enjoying it with a friend is the best way to play and if manage to survive rewards "RP and Money" are pretty handsome.

    The guide below showcase how to unlock Survival Mode and Survival Mode Maps in Grand Theft Auto Online

    How to Unlock Survival Mode in Grand Theft Auto Online

    In GTA Online, Survivcal Mode is activated when player reaches RANK 15, however it won't be available at that instance. Few minutes after reaching RANK 15, you will receive a call from RON, make sure you receive it, but if by some means you miss it, don't worry as RON will call back again after waiting for a while.

    After you finish talking to Ron, you will receive a mission market that takes you to Trevor's House in Sandy Shores.

    As soon as you finish your conversation with Trevor, you will receive a new mission marker for your first survival job, either you successfully complete it or get FAIL in doing so, Survival mode will be unlock along with two survival mode maps Industrial Plant, and Sandy Survival.

    How to Unlock More Survival Maps

    More Survival maps will unlock as player rank up. At RANK 20, Railyard Survival map will get unlock, whereas at RANK 25, Processed Survival map will be unlocked.

    If you want to play survival mode map without unlocking it, you need to have an invitation from another player that has it unlocked.

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  • GTA Online: List of All Jobs Info "Payout, Respect Point, Tips and Mission Giver"

    In Grand Theft Auto Online, players were asked to perform certain Jobs/Mission for which they are paid GTA$ i.e cash payouts and Respect Points (RP).

    GTA OnlineSo it would be great to have a list of all jobs in Grand Theft Auto Online along with PayOut and RP associated with respective jobs, all at one place. Reddit user "SaintRebbel" has finally made the impossible possible.

    SaintRebbel has created complete list of all information for GTA Online jobs along with PlayOut, Respect Points and Mission Giver details.

    All these details are incorporated into a spreedshet at Google Docs, you can access it HERE.

  • How to make profit in GTA V Stock Market?

    GTA V introduces stock market, i guess first time in gaming and it's very interesting too. GTA V  stock market is fully simulated as real. Apart from making profits from missions Lester gives you, you can also make profits from off missions such as gambling your time and money in stock market. So here is the tip to make short stocks and make easy profit which turns out to be earning easy money in GTA V via stock market.

    Trading stocks in GTA V unlocks a little bit later via Lester, but you should notice whenever he gives you a mission, he talks something about stocks. You should trade stocks before the missions where you assassinate the CEO's.

    Whichever company's CEO you go to kill, just before it invest in the opposing companies stock! Once Lester says you something stock related, cancel the mission and make that stock purchase. Then do that mission and stock you bought will rise high up in the sky, turns out lot of money in your account.

    Below are the LCN Stock Market Opposing Companies list:

    • CoolBeans - BeanMachine
    • Burgershot - Up-An-Atom
    • Clucking Bell - TacoBomb
    • FlyUS - AirEmu
    • GoPostal - PostOP
    • Bilkington - DollarPills
    • Pisswasser - Logger
    • MazeBank - BankOfLiberty
    • Redwood - Debonaire
    • Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter - Bullhead
    • RadioLosSantos - WorldwideFM
    • eCola - Raine

    Below are stock symbols for many of the companies you'll find in GTA V

    • ARK – AnimalArk
    • AUG - AuguryInsurance
    • BAN – CoolBeans
    • BEN – BeanMachine
    • BGR – BurgerShot
    • BIL – Bilkington
    • BOL – BankOfLiberty
    • BOM – BobMulét
    • BUL – Bullhead
    • CLK – CluckinBell
    • DEB – Debonaire
    • DOP – DollarPills
    • ECL – eCola
    • EMU – AirEmu
    • FLC – Fleeca
    • FUS – FlyUS
    • GAS – GastroBand
    • GCD – GoldCoast
    • GOP – GoPostal
    • GRU – GruppeSechs
    • HAF – Hammerstein&Faust
    • HKJ – Hijak
    • KRP – Krapea
    • LFI – Lifeinvader
    • LOG – Logger
    • MAX – MaxRenda
    • MAZ – MazeBank
    • MER – Merryweather
    • MOR – MorsMutualInsurance
    • POP – PostOP
    • PRO – ProLaps
    • RAI – Raine
    • RIM – RichardsMajestic
    • RLS – RadioLosSantos
    • RWC – Redwood
    • SSS – Slaughter,Slaughter&Slaughter
    • TBO – TacoBomb
    • UNI – VanillaUnicorn
    • UPA – Up-n-Atom
    • VAG – Vangelico
    • WFM – WorldwideFM
  • GTA V: How To Short Stocks And Tips To Become A Billionaire

    The most interesting thing Rockstar Games added in Grand Theft Auto V is "Stock Market". But many players are unaware of how to make use of it to their advantage. Now here is a quick guide detailing how to short out stocks in Grand Theft Auto V and also make profit out of it via any of Lester's assassination mission.

    GTA 5 Stock MarketFor those who are unaware of, very often Lester will have an assassination mission for GTA V players (for example: Assassination of LiveInvader CEO and many alike). It is possible for GTA V players to make a HUGE sum of profit off these missions, for example after LifeInvader CEO Assassination mission that firm's stock will take a massive hit, and so players could short its stock to make a massive profit (sometimes this profit runs into BILLION of DOLLARS).

    Now here is the guide on how to make a profit via this method:

    When Lester gives you a mission (it will mostly be an assassination mission against CEO's), he normally says something stock related. Invest in the opposing companies stock, and once Lester says something stock related, cancel the mission (if you want ALL characters to invest) and make that stock purchase. The stock you bought will sky-rocket, and allow you to make millions and sometime billions of GTA$.



    When Lester gives you a mission, he normally says something stock related. The most obvious of which are assassination missions against CEO's. Invest in the opposing companies stock! If you want all characters to invest you can either:

    • Save the game in a seperate save slot before taking the mission, and as soon as you know which company to invest in, load up that save and make your investments
    • Complete the mission and THEN make the investments on each character, QUICKLY!

    The stocks will update not long after, a sleepsave or two should make the change happen. As I'm playing the game nice and slow and taking in all it has to offer, if someone can post up what stocks to purchase for each mission (please use spoiler tag!) that'd be great

    • Assassination Mission #1 – Hotel Assassination (invest in Betta Pharmaceuticals on Bawsaq)
    • Assassination Mission #2 – The Multi-Target Assassination (invest in Debonaire Tobacco on LCN)
    • Assassination Mission #3 – The Vice Assassination (invest in iFRUIT BAWSAQ)
    • Assassination Mission #4 – The Bus Assassination
    • Assassination Mission #5 – The Construction Assassination (invest in Goald Coast Development on LCN)

    Missions Misc/FAQ

    When Lester refers to pure Alpha in the very first mission, it actually means nothing in terms of stocks in the game. I have watched the markets after completing the mission and the only one that has changed dramatically is the target company

    Below is the list of LCN Stock Market Opposing Companies:

    • CoolBeans - BeanMachine
    • Burgershot - Up-An-Atom
    • Clucking Bell - TacoBomb
    • FlyUS - AirEmu
    • GoPostal - PostOP
    • Bilkington - DollarPills
    • Pisswasser - Logger
    • MazeBank - BankOfLiberty
    • Redwood - Debonaire
    • Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter - Bullhead
    • RadioLosSantos - WorldwideFM
    • eCola - Raine

    In short, invest in one of the company and deliberately do things which will cause harm to opposing/arch-rival company, for example buy FlyUS stock, and then go to the airport and destroy some AirEmu planes to make FlyUS stock go down.

    Read below More TIPS/TRICKS/INFORMATION on GTA V Stock Market

    Bawsaq (Bawsaq Minisite)
    This is the online market, "influenced" on what players are doing globally, it is wise to buy stocks in weapon, ammunition, phone & car companies early (as well as any companies that just see decline and now gain), as it would be safe to assume that the companies are primarily influenced by GTAO purchases

    Some stocks are over-ridden by offline events (Lesters first assassination mission being one of them)


    Offline market, based on in game events including:

    • Destroying company vehicles (See Snuff Investments) - Could be linked, could be random, there's a mixed bag
    • Killing company employees (See Snuff Investments) - Could be linked, could be random, there's a mixed bag
    • Missions

    Snuff Investments

    Pretty much de-bunked for now so I'm going to spoiler it out, if you want to explore the theory, take a look and make timed stock results, reload and go on a killing/destruction spree and record again

    By taking out vehicles and employees, you can drop the stock prices of that company, whilst also seeing a rise in the opposing company. You can play this one of two ways (or both!)

    • Buying stocks in the opposing company and killing/destroying the target companies assets then selling your shares in the opposing company
    • Destroying/Killing target company assets to drop the market price, buying low and then waiting for the re-settlement of stocks and selling

    Other Misc Information

    • Company vehicles are mostly found on the highways/industrial areas in the morning and evening.
    • To find the HQ of a company follow one of its vehicles, and then note its location/take pictures on the GTAV Manual map tool and post it up there
    • It may be possible to affect coffee chain stocks by killing people drinking that brand (unconfirmed)

    Company Headquarters

    Obviously not all will have HQ's as some will only be affected by in game events/missions rather than snuffing

    Random Encounters

    • Whilst in free roam in South Los Santos, a man has his push-bike stolen, if you get it back to him he will tell you he owns ARK animal chain and a few days later will give you a substantial number of shares in the company for free! Confirmed with Michael & Franklin
    • A random ped mission to take someone to the airport (found near the tunnel on the Interstate road heading north to the Bay in the western area of the map), as a reward gives stock advice on what to purchase, he says buy it now!

    Specifics & Speculation

    At the moment, Bawsaq is a grey area. Due to the way the game over-rides certain stocks. We do know that it is linked to the larger GTA community via social club, so it could related to actual game stats or "hidden" stats that R* farm. Without GTA Online being...err Online, we can't say for sure how much of an impact stats have. Although it would be safe to assume that the stocks that keep dropping are based on GTAO purchases (phones/weapons/vehicles etc.)
    If you have solid information on anything Bawsaq related, please share!

    • Buying/Selling stocks seem to have an affect on the share price (which is true to real life) and could open up a great stock scam with buying a large amount to send the price up and then reselling, needs further investigation/proofing
    • Stock naturally fluctuates day to day by small amounts, which is good for shifting trades. Find a stock that works for you!
    • Pay attention to news / radio about stock info
    • Link your PSN/Xbox account to R*SC to get access to more stocks (if someone could take a snap of these stocks before linking their account that would be GREAT, we can see which stocks are linked then...and it is highly likely these are related to GTAO/Not ones affected by storyline)

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