Halo 5: Guardians

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  • 8 Best Weapons to Use in Halo 5: Guardian

    Halo 5: Guardian players had already a clue about the weapons and their performance in the Beta itself, but it that all? you should know which weapons to use in the game and how to survive the enemies like the Prometheans, Hunters, the Knight and many more. So here is the list of 8 Best weapons to use in Halo 5: Guardians.

    Halo 5: Guardians

    There are various different weapons in Halo 5: Guardians to use and survive, but every weapon has its own pros and cons where some are good at firing and others get heat up very quickly. To make it easy we have sorted out the list of weapons which you must try your hands on in the Game.

    8 Best Weapons to Use   

    Plasma Pistol

    We all know Pistol is just for the safety and the backup purpose, but do not underestimate the power of this Plasma Pistol because if you use it very accurately you may know its original power. This gun was also the part of Halo 4 and still continues to grow with its power. 


    MA5B Assault Rifle

    The Assault Rifle was also part of Halo 4 and it was been upgraded with aiming and graphics. Use these rifles to bring down the Shields and also the shielded enemies. The power and the damage it does can be compared to the DMR's statistics so it is now my one of go-to weapons for the fifth series. 


    SPNKr Rocket Launcher

    SPNKr is a Legendary weapon from Halo 4, it is an overpowered Rocket launcher. It is majorly used by the UNSC Defense Force. It can also be fired under water and get the same intensity of damage. It is similar to the M41 rocket launcher, but with higher damage to the enemies or Shields.


    Sniper Rifle

    The Best of the ranged weapons is the Sniper Rifle. One shot and enemies are down but require a good aim. Headshot is all that you need to take the enemy down from a distance. Better to clear the platform before heading and face off a bunch at once. If you're a fan of ranged weapons then you surely gonna like this one.


    Hydra MLRS

    Another Rocket Launcher in the list, well you must had hands on this beast in the Beta. If not then you must check it once, it can lock the targets using the aim down sight(ADS) and take them down at once. The impact is so huge that it can destroy their shield making it easy for you and your team to look after.



    DMR is also the best mid-ranged weapon known for its finest accuracy. If you are good with handling weapons from mid-range then this is the best we can suggest. It takes only four shots to destroy the shield and eliminate the enemies. For average level players, you may not like, but if you try and handle it then it's the best you can get.


    Prophets Bane  

    Prophets Bane is an Energy Sword from previous Halo games, but the level it has raised is remarkable. It has set to one hit kill even if your enemies are shielded. The only thing it lacks is the range which is cut down then the previous game. If your opponents are grouped together you can also perform a triple kill with this Energy Sword.


    Z-040 Pulse Grenade

    Z-040 is similar to other grenades, but when it's thrown over the enemies  it forcefully detonates which eventually destroys nearby targets. It's was also part of Halo 3 and now that the power and impact have been improving its the best grenade to use during the Battle.


  • Top 7 Easter Eggs in Halo 5: Guardians

    Halo series is famous for containing secrets, inside jokes mysteries which we call it as the Easter eggs. In addition to the intels and skulls, Halo 5: Guardian has some more nifty hidden Easter Eggs in the game. Here is the list of all the Easter eggs in Halo 5: Guardians.

    Halo 5: Guardians

    Halo 5 players have already spotted the tricky hidden secrets in the game. If you have anything to share you are most welcome and post them below in the comment section. So without any further ado, let's begin without Easter Egg List.

    Top 7 Easter Eggs in Halo 5: Guardians

    Grunts on Title Screen

    This is a very weird Easter Egg, as you launch the game wait for about 6 minutes on Title screen without touching and selecting anything. After 6 minutes, you'll notice a Grunt flying and rolling over space. Check the video below how it really looks.

    Gun's Vending Machine 

    During Mission 3 you'll notice a vending machine named 'Blu Soda' which will pop guns out such as shotguns, pistol ammos and saw with a cheering sound effect, but only if you hit the vendor button and wait for the next gun to spawn. Check out the video below how you to locate and use the vending machine.

    Mass Effect 3 Links Easter Egg

    If you've played Mass Effect 3 then you'll know this Easter Eggs how several players from Halo 5 Guardians and Mass Effect 3 try to relate each other by throwing out of the airlock. Check out the Video below to know the Mass Effect 3 Javik link.

    Grunts Hilarious Talk Easter Egg

    343 Industries have kept the tradition of giving the Grunts special dialogues. You'll have several chances to hear them before they try to hunt us, but during mission 9, when you're about to report Dr. Halsey go and check the Grunt at the cliffs. he has a chat with another grunt about the Humans. Worth listening.

    Hidden Soccer Ball Easter Egg

    During Mission 4: Meridian Station, head right and locate the Vending Machine which you need to keep pressing until a Soccer ball pops out. Now keep playing with the Soccer ball for about 2 minutes and see how Locke and Buck will try play and provoke you for a match.

    Ultra Banshee Easter Egg

    During Mission 2: Glassed, you need to hit 2 spots at a small random skull on a side. After shooting that light, you'll hear a noise and then from the large docked ship you see approx 10 banshees spawn and fly over. you cannot use this banshee, but it's fun to watch them trigger. Check the video below to know the exact location to shoot.

    Singing Grunt Easter Egg

    During Mission 7, just move slightly off track from the mission and have a look down on a Grunt dangling at the edge of the cliff. Go near him and he will start singing. However, he won't attack you so enjoy his singing or just kick him off the cliff. He also has a skull so do collect it.

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