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Destiny 2 – Weekly Reset March 6, 2018

Every Tuesday Destiny 2 resets, giving Guardians new chances to work towards powerful loot drops. You can play in the Crucible, do public events and patrols, complete the Nightfall, and get stomped in Trials of the Nine to get these powerful drops.Read More

Iron Banner Season 2 and More Coming to Destiny 2

Iron Banner Season 2 will run from January 30th to February 6th and include a new set of armor and weapons to collect. Bungie has made tweaks to allow all of these items, including a new sparrow, ghost, and ship, to drop from all Iron Banner engrams. Changes to raid rewards and Masterwork Armor are […]Read More

Destiny 2: Iron Banner weapons guide

Lord Saladin has returned to the Tower for the first time in Destiny 2, and the Iron Banner has also returned to the Crucible. The tournament to find the best Guardians and honor the fallen Iron Lords also rewards some cool armor and weapons, and we’ve got a closer look at each of the guns […]Read More