Killzone: Shadow Fall

  • Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch 1.20 Out, User Interface Improvements, Warzone Customizations, Bug Fixes, Changelog Revealed

    Guerrilla Games has just released new Killzone: Shadow Fall patch 1.20. This update adds a new feature to the online collectible system introduced with the Insurgent Pack, as well as UI improvements, Warzone customizations features and bug fixes.

    Killzone: Shadow Fall

    You can take a look at full list of changes that comes with patch 1.20.

    Online Collectible System:

    • Insurgent Pack DLC owners now receive a speed boost when they shoot a collectible crate. To offset this advantage, an added particle effect that makes them more visible on the battlefield – even when cloaked. Both effects last until the end of the round.

    User interface:

    • The score board is now split up in teams.
    • The name of the player that placed the spawn beacon has been added to the spawn select screen.

    Custom Warzones:

    • A pre-game wait time option has been added to the Custom Warzone creation screen.


    • Various minor bugs have been fixed.
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept DLC pack confirmed - Details revealed

    Sony has confirmed that their FPS title Killzone: Shadow Fall will receive downloadable content next summer i.e Intercept DLC pack. This will be the second DLC included in the Season Pass.

    Killzone: Shadow Fall, Intercept DLC

    With Intercept DLC, Killzone: Shadow Fall gets a new online mode that allows four players to play co-op in which players will be part of an elite team known as Intelligence Squad Alpha where all have their own role:

    1. Assault, a specialist in close combat.
    2. mid-to-long range Marksman.
    3. Medical Support.
    4. Tactician Support.

    As you can see, teamwork will be a pillar for the success of the missions. Also, aside from being able to compete in this exciting new way, we also get 4 extra maps in areas inspired by locations in the campaign.

    The Intercept DLC Expansion Pack can be purchased in two different ways. First we have the Standard Edition, which requires the Killzone: Shadow Fall to be played and you have to be a part of the Season Pass. And secondly we have the Independent version, which will not require possession of the main game to be played, which is a perfect opportunity for those players who have not tried Killzone: Shadow Fall which is totally an addictive action game with powerful graphics that PlayStation 4 offers.

  • First teaser image of Free Killzone: Shadow Fall DLC Multiplayer Map revealed

    The first teaser of free Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer map is out. The map image was tweeted by Killzone's Director Steven ter Heide early yesterday. Though the map looks similar to the maps from Killzone 2, there are chances that this image could be an updated. The location in this image resembles Planet Helghan.

    The Killzone team has also announced brand new changes to Warzone along with a few Hotfixes, Warzone will get additional rotation considering fan feedback.
    This is what the had to say:

    "With this first phase we are introducing a new official Warzone, which will feature fan favorite Warzones rotating on a regular basis. We will be reducing the number of official Warzones to 24 Player Warzone, 24 Player Team Deathmatch, and the rotating Warzone. This week, it is 24 Player Domination."

    Significant changes in weapons have also been made owing to feedback from fans. Here are the notes:

    • VC30 Sickle
    • Increase spread of pellets by 15%
    • Reduced damage ranges by 50%
    • StA101 Kameraad
    • Reduced standing and crouched hip fire spread by 10%
    • Reduced maximum moving hip fire spread by 45%

    Killzone Shadow Fall

    In addition to this, players can also make tweaks to see in the available rooms which will help them join the suit which they want to play.

    "Killzone Shadow Fall is set in a near future, thirty years after the events of KIllzone 3. The world is a very different place; two rival factions known as the Helghast and the Vektans live side by side in a futuristic city, divided by a vast wall. Tensions are high, and the cold war they are embroiled in is about to go hot. In the midst of all this stands a Shadow Marshal, you. The most special of the special forces, tasked with maintaining the delicate balance.

    From responding to bold attacks to quiet infiltrations or all-out combat, you will be required to adapt and think on your feet as you have to face a variety of escalating events that could destroy your home world."

    Tell us in the comment section below if you think this map if from Killzone: Shadow Fall.

  • Killzone: Shadow Fall patch 1.14 adds nasty glitch, resets unlock count for playercards, fix in development

    Earlier this week, Guerilla Games released patch 1.14 for Killzone: Shadow Fall to fix numerous issues and prepare the game for upcoming free DLC content. It worked as per plan of developer, but sadly for games that patch also brings new glitch with it and Guerilla Games has acknowledge it on game's official forums.

    Killzone: Shadow FallThe developer said: "The effect of the glitch can be seen on your career page and it will affect everyone that installed patch 1.14 on their PlayStation. The glitch resets the unlock count for the playercards, but does not reset the challenge count. In a nutshell this is only a menu glitch and it will not affect your progression. Its effect is only on the visual index of the playercard icons."

    "You can still earn playercards – the menu in its current state will update to show 1/XX when a new icon is unlocked. You can select playercards from both My Career and Personalization menus"

    The developer has assured us to fix the issue soon and not harm will be made to player's progress. Here is the snapshot of the glitch, how it would look like.

    Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch 1.14 Glitch Snapshot

  • Next mode you want to see in Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer, 24 player domination, search/destroy and more?

    Guerrila Games are supporting Killzone: Shadow Fall even after its release way back in November 2013 with free maps, DLCs and numerous weekend challenges. The game recently received "The Insurgent Pack", the first DLC content.

    Killzone: Shadow FallToday, Guerrila Games send out a survery asking Playstation 4 owners what game mode they would like to see next in Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer. The exact question in the survey reads: "Which game type from the following selection would you like to see in Killzone Shadow Fall as a dedicated option next? The top voted selection will be added to Killzone Shadow Fall this weekend!"

    The options provided for voting are pretty interesting: "24 Player CTF, 24 Player Domination and 24 Player Search and Destroy." At the time of writing, 24 Player Domination has a massive lead over other options with 43.9% votes.

    You guys can check out the survey HERE. Tell us inthe comment section below which game mode would like to see next in Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer?

  • Dev Issues Clarification On Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Controversy, Admits Its runs at "Native 960x1080p"

    Killzone: Shadow Fall developer Guerilla Games has addressed the controversy surrounding the game's resolution during multiplayer, promising to be more precise in future.

    A blog post written by producer Poria Torkan explains that while single-player sees the game run at full 1080p, multiplayer runs at a native 960x1080 though is upscaled via an innovative technique that relies on previously calculated visual data.

    Killzone: Shadow FallGuerrilla Games has just issued a clarification on "Killzone: Shadow Fall" running at 1080p resolution controversy. In a recent blog post, Guerilla Games producer Poria Torkan explained that game's single-player portion runs at 1080p, whereas multiplayer runs at native 960x1080 and by making use of an innovative tech is upscaled to 1080p.

    "In both SP and MP, Killzone Shadow Fall outputs a full, unscaled 1080p image at up to 60fps," Torkan said. "Native is often used to indicate images that are not scaled; it is native by that definition.

    "In multiplayer mode, however, we use a technique called 'temporal reprojection', which combines pixels and motion vectors from multiple lower-resolution frames to reconstruct a full 1080p image. If native means that every part of the pipeline is 1080p then this technique is not native.

    "Games often employ different resolutions in different parts of their rendering pipeline. Most games render particles and ambient occlusion at a lower resolution, while some games even do all lighting at a lower resolution. This is generally still called native 1080p. The technique used in Killzone Shadow Fall goes further and reconstructs half of the pixels from past frames.

    "We recognise the community's degree of investment on this matter, and that the conventional terminology used before may be too vague to effectively convey what's going on under the hood. As such we will do our best to be more precise with our language in the future."

    Torkan admitted, "On occasion the prediction fails and locally pixels become blurry, or thin vertical lines appear," and concluded by saying, "The temporal reprojection technique gave subjectively similar results and it makes certain parts of the rendering process faster. This reduces controller lag and increases responsiveness, which improves the Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer experience."

    How many of you agree with the clarification issued by Guerilla Games' Poria Torkan? tell us in the comment section what you guys think.