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Xbox One: “Xbox On” Voice Command will be Active only

Xbox One will launch in 13 countries in November 2013, however not all countries will get access to “Xbox On” voice command at launch. As per the details revealed by Microsoft representative, only five countries will have access to “Xbox On” voice command, “United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany”. In addition to this, […]Read More

New Xbox One Dashboard Details: Six Player Login at Once

Yesterday Microsoft’s Major Nelson showed Xbox fans the first look at Xbox One dashboard and today some never-heard-before details related to the same has arrived. No doubt the details listed below are pretty bold statements but these are TURE and LEGIT. Take a look at them below. Upto six people can be logged into the […]Read More

Xbox One Kinectless SKU “Not Going to Happen” says Xbox

Earlier today Microsoft made an announcement that Kinect 2 that comes bundle with Xbox One is no longer mandatory for the functioning of the console and all core features will be available regardless of whether the sensor is connected. Immediately after the announcement a sense of rage erupted among Xbox fan base accusing Microsoft that […]Read More

Xbox One will not require Kinect to function confirms Microsoft

Yet another reversal of policy from Microsoft related to Xbox One but this time around its a massive one. Microsoft’s Marc Whitten has announced that Kinect is not longer a mandatory for Xbox One i.e Kinect will not be required for gamers to use Xbox One. All core features will be available regardless of whether […]Read More

After DRM and Self-Publishing Policies Flip Xbox One Needs Price

Both Microsoft and Sony are trying hard to get top spot in next-gen consoles battle with their upcoming consoles, Xbox One and PS4 respectively. For both this gaming giant next-gen console battle is not just about gaining success for their new consoles, it’s about long time kingship in terms of money, sales and their profit […]Read More

Xbox One: List of Confirmed Kinect 2.0 Features That Are

So Microsoft is offering Xbox One bundle with Kinect 2.0 for $499 ($100 more than the cost of Sony’s PS4). So this post here is related to what features new Kinect has to offers to Xbox One gamers. The list below features things announced related Kinect 2.0 and are worthy of excitement no matter whether […]Read More

No Plan to Introduce Xbox One Without Kinect confirms Microsoft

Recently a rumored appeared on internet stating that Microsoft is planning to launch a Kinect Less Xbox One bundle to tackle competition from PS4’s $399 price tag. An official statement from Microsoft has arrived on this topic. A spokesperson for Microsoft told Gamefront that there’s no plan to release Xbox One without Kinect. “We have […]Read More

Xbox One Without Kinect Would Have Cost Less Than $399

We all know that Sony’s next-gen Playstation console, PS4 4 is tagged with price of 399$ in comparison to Xbox One with price tag of 499$. Many people wonder why this price difference of 100$? Either you can blindly accuse Microsoft for charging extra 100$ for console with almost similar configuration as of PS4, or […]Read More

Kinect 2.0 Specification Leaked?

Kinect 2.0 specification have been leaked on internet. These Kinect 2.0 specification was reported first by “Appy Gamer”. We have listed it below for you, check it out. A mode for sitting or standing Able to track players with a height of only one meter Better detection of a players hand state Tracking of six […]Read More

Exciting Features Gamers Will Be Missing Out If Kinect is

So Microsoft has done it yet again, new morning and a new Xbox One policy change, this time around its a massive one, “Kinect is no longer mandatory for functioning of Xbox One”. This latest change might look good on paper but has its own share of demerits. Here are the list of confirmed feature […]Read More