10 Most Disappointing Video Games Of 2017 And Why

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Worst Game of 2017

In 2017, there were many games that disappointed a lot. Here's our list of 10 Worst And Most Disappointing Video Games of 2017.

Nexon: PUBG Responsible for Low LawBreakers Sale, Launch Timing Was Unfortunate

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Lawbreakers Publisher Blames PUBG For Low Sales

LawBreakers publisher Nexon explain the reason behind low sales of LawBreakers - direct competition with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

LawBreakers Dev Comments On Low Player Count, Positive Reviews On Steam, Upcoming Maps And Modes

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Lawbreakers Dev On Steam Reviews, Low Players Count

Cliff Bleszinski in a recent interview talks about LawBreakers extremely low player count, why LawBreakers has 90 percent positive reviews on steam, and what all news maps and modes incoming.

How To Farm Creds In Lawbreakers

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Lawbreakers Creds.

Lawbreakers, how to farm more creds, you can find some easiest methods in this cred farming guide that can be later used for upgrades, customization, etc.

New Patch For LawBreakers Fixes Stuttering And Hitching Issue On PlayStation 4

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LawBreakers  Stuttering Issue

Boss Key released a new patch for LawBreakers. It fixes the nasty stuttering and hitiching issue on PlayStation 4.

PS4 Exclusive Games Holiday 2017 Portfolio Is Less Poor Than You Expect It To Be

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Biggest PS4 Exclusive Of 2017

Post E3 2017 everyone got an impression that PS4 exclusive 2017 lineup is not up to the mark, but we checked some facts and list of upcoming games and came to conclusion that reality is completely different.

Lawbreakers Is On PS4 Not On Xbox One, Because It Has Larger User Base Says Developer

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 Lawbreakers PS4 Xbox One

Lawbreakers developers spoke about why there will be no Xbox One version, and the cause behind keeping the game restricted on PS4.

LawBreakers: Smooth 60FPS On PS4 Pro And PS4, On Xbox One Version: Who knows what the future holds: Dev

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LawBreakers PS4 And PS4 Pro FAQ

LawBreakers on PS4 Pro and PS4 will run at 60FPS. The developer clarified that Xbox One version is not ruled out entirely.

LawBreakers Dev Bleszinski Praises Project Scorpio, Xbox version Of LawBreakers Not Ruled Out

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LawBreakers - Xbox One version

LawBreakers developer Cliff Bleszinski in a Reddit AMA states that Xbox One version of LawBreakers is not ruled out. Cliff also praised Project Scorpio port stating that Microsoft is getting their SH## together.

Overwatch vs LawBreakers Main Differences Explained By Cliff Bleszinski

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Overwatch vs Lawbreakers

Cliff Bleszinski, the lead man behind LawBreakers, has explained all the main differences players should know between LawBreakers vs Overwatch. You can watch his full video interview for all the details.