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PS VITA and PSP sales forecast cut by Sony from

Sony has just few minutes ago released their Q3 earnings reports giving consumers an updated look at sales of PS VITA and PSP. The disappointing news is that Sony has once again provided the combined sales figure of PSP and PS VITA, and not exact PS Vita sale figure. As per the details revealed, Sony […]Read More

Sony unveils Q1 sales report: PS VITA and PSP combine

SCE has revealed their Q1 earning reports just a few minutes ago. This time around Sony revealed combined sales figure for PSP and PS VITA (don’t know what Sony exactly want to hide by doing this). According to the details in the report, Sony sold a total of 1.4 million handhelds in the first quarter […]Read More

ESRB confirms Hotel Mogul for PS3 and PSP

ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) has revealed that PC simulation game Hotel Mogul is coming to PS3 and PSP soon. The game has received E for Everyone rating from ESRB. “This is a simulation game in which players can buy, develop, and sell commercial properties to make a profit. An underlying story involves reclaiming a […]Read More

New PS Store update brings all PSN PSP games to

Sony has just few hours ago launched Playstation VITA in United States. The handled make has also updated Playstation Store, and if details from NeoGaf is to believe then every PSP games on Playstation Store is available for Playstation VITA. Yes, you read it right, every PSP games. The list even includes those games that […]Read More

List of PSP Games compatible with Playstation VITA

Sony has released the list of PSP games that will be compatible with Playstation VITA. According to details revealed by Sony on PS Blog, there are in-total 275 PSP games, and out of these 155 are full retail games and others are Minis. We have the full list below. Sony has promised, “more PSP titles […]Read More

PS VITA vs PSP comparison footage show MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT

Sony’s Playstation VITA is already out in Japan, and there’s no surprise that many comparison videos have already arrived on YouTube. Many fans are very curious to know is PS VITA really better than PSP, if yes than how much better it is. A YouTube user maruyoshi posted two PS VITA vs PSP comparison video […]Read More

GORGEOUS LADIES in Yakuza Black Panther 2

SEGA has released some brand new screenshots of Yakuza Black Panther 2 showing some “GORGEOUS LADIES” that will feature in the game. Yakuza Black Panther 2 is schedule to launch in Japan next Spring for PSP. Gamers in WEST are really very unlucky, as neither Yakuza Black Panther nor its sequel Yakuza Black Panther 2 […]Read More

Sony unveils PSP-PS Vita UMD passport program

Sony has revealed the details about PSP-PS VITA passport program. Its a scheme that allows PSP gamers to transfer their UMD games to PS VITA from day one. Sony will release a special program on December 6 for PSP and also the UMD of the game you’re looking to push onto PS VITA. Once you […]Read More

New FIFA 12 PSP bundle coming to US on November

Sony has announced a new PSP Entertainment Pack for US gamers. This special PSP bundle will feature PSP-3000, a UMD copy of FIFA 2012, a 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo and a voucher for a downloadable copy of Cars 2: The Video Game. This new PSP Entertainment Pack will launch on November 15, and will […]Read More