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Capcom: Resident Evil 6 campaign three times longer than RE5

Capcom has confirmed to NowGamer that Resident Evil 6 three campaigns would last “around 30 hours”. Resident Evil 6 Director, Eiichiro Sasaki said, “The three characters each have their own story and you can choose whichever one you want and play that story, experience that character’s story,” Sasaki further added, “In terms of length, each […]Read More

Capcom: No DLC for PC version of Resident Evil 5

Capcom has confirmed that there won’t be any DLC content for PC version of Resident Evil 5. US SVP Christian Svensson also confirmed that Resident Evil Gold Edition will not be coming to PC, and currently the development team is working on a new IPs. Svensson said, “No plans for ResidentEvil Gold Edition or DLC […]Read More

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition best Move game out there:

According to Capcom Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition which was given a Move support via patch update is currently the best Move game out there. In an interview to one of the site Capcom’s David Reeves said When you look at the line-up for Move it’s a bit partyish; Resi Evil Gold is the best […]Read More

Resident Evil 5 Move Patch Next Month

There is good news for Resident Evil 5 players, It will receive the PlayStation Move compatibility next month. But for only Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition holders, due to some technical issues with original version. Today Capcpm at Gamescom reveal that next month it will release Resident Evil 5 patch which will introduce Move functionality […]Read More