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  • Street Fighter X Tekken Achievements List

    The Achievement list for Street Fighter X Tekken has been revealed by our good friend at "Xbox360Achievements". Street Fighter X Tekken is schedule to launch in March 6.

    Street Fighter X Tekken The Achievement list gives us a clear idea as to what to expect from the game, a lot of punching, kicking etc. We have the full list below, along with tips and tricks to achieve it. Check it out below.

    Title Idol     50
    Obtain 300 Titles.    

    A Very Special Gift 10
    Connect with 500 Special Moves.    

    Blink Of An Eye 10
    Connect with 500 EX Special Moves.    

    Time For Some Fireworks! 10
    Connect with 500 Launchers.    

    Anything Goes 10
    Activate Cross Assault 500 times.    

    An Unknown Power 10
    Activate Pandora 500 times.    

    The Trump Card 10
    Connect with 500 Super Arts.    

    Two Minds, Fighting As One 10
    Connect with 500 Cross Arts.    

    Maelstrom Of Combos 10
    Connect with 100 Quick Combos.    

    A Glimmering Light 10
    Activate your Assist Gems 100 times.    

    Let’s Heat Things Up! 10
    Activate your Boost Gems 100 times.    

    Sturm und Drang 30
    Finish a round with Cross Assault 300 times.    

    Power Consumes All 30
    Finish a round with Pandora 300 times.    

    A Splendid Conclusion 30
    Finish a round with a Super Art 300 times.    

    The Cross Revolution 30
    Finish a round with a Cross Art 300 times.    

    A Perfect Victory! 50
    Win a round without getting hit 100 times.    

    After The Dust Has Settled 10
    Clear Arcade mode on Medium difficulty or higher.    

    Trail Of Ruined Dreams 20
    Defeat 5 rival teams in Arcade mode on Medium difficulty or higher.    

    The Root Of Chaos 30
    Defeat all of the bosses in Arcade mode on the hardest difficulty.    

    Just The Beginning 10
    Clear one trial in Trial mode.    

    Trial Expert 20
    Clear ten trials in Trial mode.    

    The Excellence of Execution 30
    Clear 300 trials in Trial mode.    

    My Big First Step 10
    Clear one lesson in the Tutorial.    

    Maturity Through Discipline 10
    Clear all of the lessons in the Tutorial.    

    The First Mission 10
    Clear one mission in Mission mode.    

    Mission Specialist 30
    Clear all of the missions in Mission mode.    

    Fruits of Labor 10
    Go into Training mode 10 times.    

    The Stones Guide Me 10
    Customize a Gem Unit.    

    Doused In My Color! 10
    Customize a character’s color.    

    This Is How I Roll 10
    Customize your player Title.    

    Here’s My Shoutout 10
    Customize your player comment.    

    The Warrior’s Road 10
    Fight 50 matches over Xbox LIVE.    

    The Crossroads of Tragedy 20
    Fight 100 matches over Xbox LIVE.    

    The Harsh Road 30
    Fight 300 matches over Xbox LIVE.    

    The Endless Road 50
    Fight 500 matches over Xbox LIVE.    

    Learn The Fundamentals 10
    Win 5 matches over Xbox LIVE.    

    Forge Your Own Path 20
    Win 10 matches over Xbox LIVE.    

    Transcend All You Know     30
    Win 50 matches over Xbox LIVE.    

    Your Legend Will Never Die 50
    Win 100 matches over Xbox LIVE.    

    One Down! 10
    Win in a Ranked Match.    

    To The Victor… 30
    Raise your battle class rank for the first time in Ranked Match.    

    Proof Of Your Victory 50
    Get to C rank for the first time in Ranked Match.    

    The Battle Never Ends 10
    Win a match in Endless Battle.    

    Head Of The Dojo 20
    Create 10 lobbies in Endless Battle.    

    Observer 30
    View 50 replays in the Replay Channel.    

    Evangelist Of The “X” 30
    Have your replay downloaded 20 times in My Channel’s Broadcast Mode.    

    Love Is Blind 30
    Use a character in battle over 300 times.    

    Any Time, Any Place! 10
    Use Arcade Fight Request 30 times.    

    It’s Just For Research! 10
    Access the Store.    

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