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  • State of Decay 2 - Ultimate PC INI Tweak Guide

    You can get more features and improved graphics performance of State of Decay 2 PC edition by tweaking the ini file. This guide refers various settings you can update to fix FOV, disable motion blur, disable lens flare, turn off the depth of field, edit supersamping, set up language localization, etc.

  • State Of Decay 2 - How To Build A Strong Base And Best Base Locations

    State of Decay 2 has seven bases in all three regions - Cascade Hill, Drucker County and Meagher Valley. In this State Of Decay 2 Ultimate Base Building Tips guide, you can learn tips on how to build a strong base and you will also get exact locations of 21 bases in all three regions along with what they offer (stats).

  • How To Setup Co-Op In State of Decay 2

    State of Decay 2 comes with an online multiplayer co-op so mode, you can play with your friends. Playing co-op ensures that you and your friend are protecting each other from this zombie apocalypse and build a healthy community. In this guide, you can find exact steps on how to start Co-op mode in State of Decay 2.

  • How To Destroy Plague Hearts & Where To Find Them In State of Decay 2

    Plague Hearts are important to destroy in State of Decay 2. Destroying them will help you go progress to a different town. After destroying a Plague heart, the other one gets stronger. It is located inside a building so finding it is tricky. In this guide, you can find tips on finding Plague Hearts and destroying it.

  • State of Decay Resources Guide - Where To Find Key Resources

    Where to find medical supplies, food, fuel, building materials, ammos and other important resources in State of Decay 2 for long-term survival of your community. They are scattered on various Locations on the map, refer State of Decay Resources Guide for exact location to scavenge and quickly farm key resources.

  • List Of All Zombies In State of Decay 2 & How To Kill Them

    State of Decay 2 has six different types zombies, they are Screamer, Bloater, Armored Zombies, Feral Zombies, Juggernauts and Plague Zombies. In this State of Decay 2 Zombie Killing guide you can find tips on how to defeat or kill the zombies and what are their powers.

  • State of Decay 2 - How To Earn Influence Points Fast

    Influence Points are the in-game currency for State of Decay 2, you can earn them by performing different objectives, but there are some methods that can help you to get Influence Points fast like playing for the community, destroying plague hearts, co-op missions, trading, etc.

  • How To Cure Blood Plague In State Of Decay 2

    Blood plague in State of Decay 2 is a deadly disease that once contracted and unchecked can make your loyal community members into a Zombie. Red-eyed zombies spread the plague, and by killing them you get plague samples for a cure. In this guide, you will get tips on How to prepare Blood Plague Cure.

  • State of Decay 2: How To Unlock The Artillery Strike Radio Command

    State of Decay 2 has a powerful weapon Artillery Strike, and in this guide, you will find steps to unlock Artillery Strike radio command. This weapon is best against tough opponents like the juggernauts. And once you unlock it you can use it anytime in State of Decay 2.

  • State of Decay 2 Weapons Guide - Five Best Weapons & When To Use Them

    State of Decay 2 Weapons Guide, find 5 best weapons and their statistics. Top 5 weapons are M99X1 Timberwolf, DEVGRU X12 Infiltrator, M4X1 DMR Heavy, BML-40 & SP101 Tassie Devil. Checkout weapons stats and tips on how to effectively use them against zombies attack in State of Decay 2.