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Syndicate Achievements List for Xbox 360

Starbreeze has released the achievements list for Syndicate. The developer has added a total of 50 achievements for a 1000 points. We have the complete list of achievements below, along with hints to achieve it. Syndicate is schedule to launch on February 21 in NA and on February 24 in Europe for PC, PS3 and […]Read More

No DX10/DX11 support for Syndicate PC version

Starbreeze, developer of upcoming shooter “Syndicate” has confirmed that the game will not support DX10/DX11. In a recent interview to PCGamesHardware, Starbreeze confirmed that and said as Syndicate is multiplatform game, a perfect DX11 support needs to be built from the get-go with that API in mind. Starbreeze said, “We aren’t shipping with DX10/11 support. […]Read More

Syndicate will feature 9 missions from original game

Syndicate an upcoming FPS game from Electronic Arts will features a total of Nine Missions from the original game. This clearly suggest that developer Starbreeze Studio haven’t strayed from the root of the game entirely, although they completely changed the genre from tactical shooter to an FPS. Syndicate will launch in February 2012 for PC, […]Read More

Syndicate receive 18 rating from BBFC, features 60 minutes cutscenes

The Australian rating board banned EA’s Syndicate, however BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) has cleared Syndicate to launch with no edits and no cuts, even after giving 18+ Certificate. The reason BBFC gave 18 rating for Syndicate, “strong bloody and violence”. The rating also confirmed that Syndicate feature 60 minutes of cut-scenes. Syndicate is […]Read More

EA’s Syndicate BANNED in Australia (Updated)

The BAN hammer of Australian Classification Board strikes again, and this time it strike on EA’s futuristic reboot, Syndicate. The publisher submitted the game under its real name, but it has been officially refused classification. This means Syndicate is effectively banned from sale, distribution or display in Australia. Electronic Arts has not yet commented on […]Read More

Syndicate release date announced, Pre-order available now

EA has announced the official launch date of Syndicate. The game will launch on February 12, 2012 for PS3, PC and Xbox 360. The official synopsis of the Syndicate reads, “Syndicate is the re-imagination of a cult classic franchise from 1993 – a unique action shooter set in a not too distant future, where Business […]Read More

Syndicate reboot leaked, screenshot and box art also out

An EA employee has accidently leaked the very first information and screenshots of long rumored reboot of “Syndicate”. According to the details in the leak, the game will be developed by Starbreeze. It has been reported that EA will officially announced the game later next week. Some Syndicate feature’s, along with number of screenshots and […]Read More