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Twisted Metal patch out on August 3, carries fix for

Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe has shed more details about upcoming patch for the game. Replying to a fan question on YouTube, David Jaffe confirmed that much awaited patch for Twisted Metal will arrive on August 3. This new patch for Twisted Metal will carry fix for connection issues faced by gamers. Jaffe promised that […]Read More

David Jaffe to Game Revloution: “You Suck at your jobs”

It seems like Game Revolution has upset Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe very BADLY. The site recently carried a story with title “Jaffe Calls For Uncharted To Add Some Sandbox Elements“. This has upset Jaffe as he says that he “Never suggested the amazing Uncharted should be given sandbox elements. Come on journalists out there- […]Read More

Twisted Metal patch to fix network issues coming tomorrow

David Jaffe has confirmed that the patch to fix Twisted Metal network issues will launch tomorrow if Sony gives a green signal. The developer will release the patch at somepoint tomorrow, and it will fix almost all the connectivity issues of Twisted Metal. Ever since launch of Twisted Metal, PS3 gamers are reporting that they […]Read More

Jaffe: Twisted Metal network issue patch may arrive this week

According to Eat Sleep Play head David Jaffe, patch to fix long pending Twisted Metal network issue may arrive this week. On Twitter, David Jaffe said, “[Eat Sleep Play] is doing some work for a patch we hope to push Tuesday that should help out and fix network issues but no guarantee,” “Nothing concrete sadly. […]Read More

Jaffe: Twisted Metal Matchmaking issue fix coming out in few

Eat Sleep Play’s David Jaffe has announced on Twitter that fix for Matchmaking in Twisted Metal will be deployed in few hours time. PS3 gamers are having hard time with Twisted Metal just because of this matchmaking issues, but now thanks to development team, this all is going to change. On Twitter, Jaffe stated, “It […]Read More