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Check out how Pokemon Game Powered by Unreal Engine 3

Ever wonder how a pokemon game powered by gorgeous Unreal Engine 3 will look like. Christian Davis, Associate Environment Artist at Junction Point Studios has released some high quality model of the Blastoise Pokemon. Davis decided to test his model on Unreal Development Kit, and the images below were the end result, yeah this looks […]Read More

Capcom announced Asura’s Wrath

Capcom has announced that it will produce the next draft of CyberConnect2. The game in question is called Asura’s Wrath, and it will be for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The important thing is that the game will use the famous game engine from Epic Games, Unreal Engine 3. According to the developer gamers will […]Read More

Batman : Arkham Asylum 2 will also use Unreal Engine

Batman : Arkham Asylum game last year used the Unreal Engine 3. Batman : Arkham Asylum game surprised all and sundry with a high-end graphics. Well, Rocksteady, the development studio for the first and second part has confirmed that Batman : Arkham Asylum 2 will also feature the famous game engine from Epic Games. Remember […]Read More

Unreal Engine 3 now available for “Monday Night Combat”

Uber Entertainment today announced it has licensed Unreal Engine 3 for “Monday Night Combat,” its newly revealed action game featuring competitive and co-op team-based fighting. Packed with the latest technical advances in Unreal Engine 3, “Monday Night Combat” is scheduled to storm Xbox LIVE Arcade later this year. “Monday Night Combat” is a class-based, third-person […]Read More