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Most Anticipated Video Games of 2018

The most anticipated video games of 2018 includes obvious titles like Red Dead Redemption 2, Days Gone, God of War and Far Cry 5, but there are others on the list that might surprise you, including Detroit: Become Human. Check out the TL;DR Games list of video games to watch out for this year.Read More

Top Myths About Multiplayer Skills

There are tons myths that surround the multiplayer gaming world. What does it take to become a top multiplayer gamer? How do you know if you are facing the deadliest sniper in online gaming history or just someone that has a winning streak today? And why would any of this matter anyway? Well, in one […]Read More

New Video Games Releases: April 19th – 25th

Past week of April was too slow, but coming week from April 19th to April 25th will keep the gaming world busy as it will saw some of the much awaited releasing this week. We have mention below all the new release this week with its full information. After Burner Climax : (Publisher: SEGA/AM2, Developer: […]Read More