How to get a refund for Temtem, if you’re as frustrated with the server queue as we are

Developer Crema is offering refunds after prolonged server issues.

A picture of the Temtem server queue screen

It’s no secret that Temtem, the creature-catching MMO released as part of Steam’s Early Access program, ended up with way more players than its servers could handle. This resulted in long queues and frustrated players usually waiting longer to get into the game than actually playing it.

One of the main problems is that the server can’t handle more than 20,000 concurrent users. “We’re trying different solutions to improve server’s performance but we haven’t had much luck yet,” the developer, Crema, tweeted from the official Temtem account. “We totally understand your frustration and believe us, we’re super frustrated too.”

The creators have also made it clear that those who don’t want to wait can request a refund on steam. Here’s how.

How to get a refund for Temtem on Steam:

  1. Head to Steam’s Help page
  2. Under “Recent products,” click “Temtem
  3. Click “Gameplay or technical issue”
  4. Click ‘The game crashes while playing it”
  5. Click “I would like to request a refund”