Stuck on bugged terrain in Temtem? Smoke Bombs are the answer

One Reddit user has a brilliant suggestion for new players: stock up on smoke bombs.


Image via Crema

Early access games have some interesting quirks, from unintended animation bugs to clipping through the map. Players often find themselves in places the game never intended for them to enter. Since the locations are not intended to be accessible, getting out of them poses a problem. Players would need to submit a support ticket and wait for the moderator or administrators to assist. Temtem, which recently launched as part of Steam’s Early Access program, is no different.

However, Temtem veteran ShuriWasTaken posted some advice for new players in a Reddit thread. The secret to getting out of these awkward situations is a Smoke Bomb.

Smoke Bombs are an item in Temtem that act like Pokémon’s Escape Rope, which transport the player back to the entrance to the cave, or in earlier games, to the nearest Pokemon Center. Temtem’s Smoke Bombs have a similar mechanic: They transport the player someplace safe.

This is a good item to have in any game for when health gets really low and running is better than fighting. However, ShuriWasTaken’s suggestion was less about running from battles and instead focused on escaping unintended situations: clipping out of bounds or getting stuck behind walls. ShuriWasTaken states that Smoke Bombs an inexpensive solution to getting stuck instead of waiting for admins to respond on the forums or Discord. 

The advice is sound. Very few games offer portable fast travel items like this. Capitalizing on the item and its potential to rescue players from bugs could mean the difference between an enjoyable early access experience and a long wait.

It would also be a good idea to report the bugged location with a screenshot before using the Smoke Bomb to escape.