How to do Vanity in Dark Times Gambit quest in Destiny 2

Time for a Gambit match.

The Vanity in Dark Times quest is available for all Destiny 2 players who love to play Gambit. You can achieve this quest by completing runs in the Gambit game mode, accessible by speaking to The Drifter. Before launching this quest, you may want to pick up some Gambit bounties before beginning this quest to receive the most experience points, glimmer, and infamy rank experience.

You need to speak to The Drifter first before attempting this quest. You can find him in the lower parts of the Tower, and you can fast travel to the Annex landing zone to make it easier. You can obtain the quest from the lower part of his menu.

You will have to complete these objectives to complete the quest:

  • Take our Guardian Combatants
  • Achieve 6 Infamy ranks
  • Bank Motes

You can rack these up pretty quickly by locking into Gambit or Gambit prime matches. For those looking to score some quick kills against other Guardians, hunker down near the portal to ensure you’re the member of your team who invades the other side. You probably want to take a Pulse Rifle with you due to their recent boost for the Season of Arrivals, or you can take over your Witherhoard grenade launcher to score some kills with it against other Guardians for the Bank Heist quest.

Upon completing the quest you will receive Ruin Wreath appearance skins and the Long-Boy Special emblem, which you can buy from The Drifter.