BreathTaking Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Ivory King DLC Trailer for PC, PlayStation and Xbox

Dark Souls 2

The video will show you some creatures you will fight with, some fighting scenes and everything covered with snow. Developers From Software give you Dark Souls' II - the long-awaited continuation of the acclaimed hit in 2011, the game Dark Souls. This is a unique role-playing game of the old school, conquered the players around the world. Here you will find the most difficult test and an incredible sense of satisfaction.

Dark Souls II brings the traditional series of high level of sophistication and innovative gameplay in single-player and in the collective game. Begin your journey in which you are waiting for Undefeated, diabolical traps and insurmountable danger, all the things you expect from FROM SOFTWARE.

"The story revolves around a male or female Undead human known as the "bearer of the curse", who has nearly lost their mind and gone "hollow" in their search for a cure. They have traveled to Drangleic, which is rumored to be home to powerful souls that can help Undead regain their humanity and avoid this fate. The bearer of the curse finds their way to Majula, a settlement in Drangleic, where they meet an enigmatic woman known as the Emerald Herald, who acts as the player's guide. She asks the player to seek four ancient beings with immense souls, and Vendrick, the king of Drangleic."