Dragon Age Inquisition PC vs PS4 vs Xbox One Graphics/Visuals Comparison Video & Stunning Looking Launch Trailer

Dragon: Age Inquisition

Want to know where PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of Dragon Age Inquisition stands in terms of graphics/visuals against PC version at High Setting? Take a look at this direct-feed Dragon Age Inquisition PC vs PS4 vs Xbox One graphics/visuals comparison footage.

Dragon Age Inquisition has already received excellent review scores from big gaming media outlets. It has been reported that single-player campaign of Dragon Age Inquisition offers gameplay length of over 80 hours in first play-through, the game world is massive to a extent that it makes Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim feel small, multiplayer is a mixture/mash-up of Dark Souls and Mass Effect.

These are really some impressive early impressions, we just can't wait to get our hands on to it on November 18, 2014 i.e. tomorrow. Those who have doubt over graphics/visuals department of Dragon Age Inquisition, watch the comparison trailer below, and as a added bonus official launch trailer as well.